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Fokker 50 model in 1/72 scale : kit review & modelling report

The Fokker 50 was a modernized F-27, with modern engines driving six bladed props. The interior, avionics and internal systems were completely updated. The Fokker 50 flies nowadays with many regional and national airlines, more than 150 were built. They are the quietest among regional airliners due to prop synchronization and engine noise reduction. The internal cabin is very quiet.
The original old Fokker F-27 Friendship was designed as a modern turboprop regional airliner after the second world war. The aircraft was a big success and more than 700 were sold from 1955 up to the nineteen eighties.
The Fokker 60 is a stretched Fokker 50, in use with the RNeth AF. 
The model depicts the Fokker 50 as used also.
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I . Fokker 50 mixed media kit was issued... check out here...

II.  An IMC model for travel agencies, seen here...

The Airfix F-27 model is otherwise the best basis to model of Fokker 50. The kit is old and needs major conversion work, but can be used. Other models, such as the newer ESCI models are very inaccurate as is the older Revell model in 1/96.
The Airfix model's biggest flaws are the absence of the double curved fuselage cross section that should be there in both F-27 and Fokker 50, and the much too small dorsal fin in height.
Three different models being built: from top to bottom:
  • Fokker 60 UTA  (note:  still without longer radar nose)
  • Fokker 50 / Fokker F-27-500  (note:  still without radar nose)
  • Fokker F-27: other marks 
The Airfix model depicts a mark of the F-27 with short fuselage and short nose. Later marks had longer radar noses as retrofit.
Also, the F-27-500 got a longer fuselage including the radar nose, which was also used as basis for the Fokker 50. 
Lengthen the model in 1/72 scale as shown in table below.... 
If desired for most versions, also add the radar nose separately, being 6 mm longer.
Table : 1/72 Fuselage extension relative to Airfix F-27 model: 
      F-27         mk.500     Fokker 50     Fokker 60 
 fwd of  wing:     14 mm    14 mm       28 mm 
 aft   of  wing:      7 mm     7 mm       15 mm 
NOTE: Add the radar nose separately, being 6 mm longer in 1/72.

The kit's windows are usable as for a Fokker 50 the windows are completely new; there are more of them and the windows are much smaller and rectangular. Fill in all windows and best suggest these with decals.
The engine nacelles need to be converted with the oil cooler and with a six bladed prop. The two Dowty props can be made out of 3 F-27 props (2x6 = 3x4 =12). The Fokker 50 and 60 propellers are of 3.60 m diameter, that is 5,0 cm in 1/72 scale.
The spinners came from old droptanks.
The overall model got a white finish with the airbrush.

The rudder was refined with double trim tab, fairing actuators added of the elevators and the pointed rear-end.
The Fokker 50 undercarriage has two nose wheels and the main undercarriage is basically the same as on the F-27.

Also the wing tips are adapted with the aerodynamic 'foklets' tips. The  are curved upwards at the tip and extend until the leading edge. The model is a genuine tail sitter so needs some help...


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