Convair TF-102 Delta Dagger 
trainer two seater
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1/72 scale conversion kit for a TF-102 Delta Dagger 
kit review / modelling report

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The plastic model was given a coat of gloss with Johnson Future / Pledge. This to have a good surface to add the decals later on.

Time for detailing. 
The cockpit got some detail from sprue and a couple of instrument side consoles were added from cart. See my F-102 modelling report for information on seats.

The cockpit was painted medium grey, some instrument decals were used from the kit and from my decal spares box. 


The vacuform canopy for the two seater was cut with the windscreen set on the model. 

The gaps were closed with white glue: 
On the upwards opening rear canopy on the real TF-102 vortex generators can be seen. These are an eye catcher. On 1/72 scale these are very small, but were nevertheless fitted. Each vortex generator is 2 x 0.4 mm large and was made from very thin metal sheet and set with superglue. It was a tedious job but done. (NOTE: I found out later that on the rear of the canopy, also vortex generators are present... these to be added as well!!! )

After drying they were painted FS 30219 brown.

Completing the model
- I wanted to have this model in USAF markings of the 32 FIS based at the Dutch Soesterberg air base in the nineteen sixties. The markings are a bit dull for this camouflaged scheme with only small stuff and a serial on the tail. I  has some spare serial decals in my spares box, although a bit larger than needed. I had no alternative so put these on. The small stars-and-bars USAF came from MicroScale sheet 72-83.

- on the 32 FIS TF-102 Deuce the IR seeker in front of the windshield was only fitted on USAF TF-102's later on. On the model it was not fitted as it was TF-102 with serial 41370 of the USAF 32 FIS flying from Soesterberg. 

- next the model got the gears, wheels and doors. On the gear legs some brake wires were set made from thin metal wire.

The nose wheel hub has a white edge, some work still be done here after a first paint job,

- the model is bare with closed weapon bay. I only added the fueltanks. 

- a large nose pitot was added using a metal needle. 

- I was not sure if the TF-102 had an arrestor hook, but it was added just as for the single seater F-102

- the whole model got a sealing matt varnish coat using Johnson Future / Clear / Pledge with 15% Tamiya Flat Base X-21 acrylic mixed in to get a semi-matt result. 

- the canopy was set open, and that.... 

completes the 1/72 model of this 32 FIS TF-102 trainer Deuce.

...and in another landscape...

This TF-102 is a nice companion of the same 32 FIS squadron's  F-102A model

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