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Eurofighter Typhoon  in 1/72 scale: : kit review & modelling report of the REVELL kit
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Another few Revell Typhoon/ Eurofighter kits were made with my own custom designed decals for the World Air Forces collection.

Qatar ordered end 2017 some 24 Typhoons including 4 trainers with deliveries starting in 2022 and these are flown by no.12 squadron. Codes are QA400-403 for the two seat trainers and QA404-423 for the single seaters. They are flown from Tamim base by no.7 squadron and no.12 squadron of the Qatar Emiri Air Force.

The 1/72 kit was made as described on page 1... 

On the port nose side, the IRST/FLIR fairing #50 was installed. It is included in the Revell kit.
The tiny gaps were filled with Vallejo "plastic putty". Particularly at the closed refuelling probe fairing and the dorsal spine air brake.

After sanding, the model got a base grey primer coat and all looked good to get the paint scheme with the airbrush. The APU/ secondary power unit exhaust opening on the port wing fuselage junction was drilled open.  
The Qatar Typhoon paint codes of camouflage pattern with "greys" is unknown to me but look similar as the Qatar Mirage 2000.
I airbrushed acrylic paints. First an overall grey with a mix of 90% Gunze Sangyo Mr.Hobby H308 FS36375 + 10% H57 aircraft grey. Than followed after masking the darker pattern with a mix of 75% H308 + 25% H56 intermediate blue.

few AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles were airbrushed and completed as per kit was were a pair of 1,500 liters wing fuel tanks and also airbrushed as were the wing tip ESM/ ECM pods.  

The gear bays were airbrushed white after masking.

  future levelling thinner
The model got a gloss varnish coat before decals would be applied. Johnson Future/ Pledge thinned with 25% Gunze Sanyo Levelling thinner was airbrushed for a smooth gloss result.
The Qatar Typhoon markings with decals were custom designed and full colour laser printed. They are also avail
able on my decal sheet AIPD 13 "Middle East Typhoons" for other modellers on request. Look if you are interested here ...  (1/72 or 1/48 or 1/32 or other scale).
It was unclear of the Typhoon had roundels on the lower wing surfaces, I set this as these were also seen on the Mirage 2000.

The smaller stencils and low visibility light strips were used from the kit decals. After all decalling completed, the landing gear was installed but I removed a tiny section of the nose gear door #30 as there is a gap seen on real Typhoons. The overall colour of the struts appears to be a very light grey.

The rear engine exhaust were painted metallic. The prepared missiles and wing fuel tanks were installed.

A final semi-gloss varnish coat was airbrushed with the same varnish mix as described above but now with a few drops of Tamiya "flat base" X21 dripped in to get a slight dull effect. The anti-collision lights were painted. The MB mk.16A ejection seat was used as per kit and got a few harness straps from painted tape.
Inside the canopy, 3 tiny mirrors were installed made from scrap and a few handles. Loosely installed and that was it!

map   flag   roundel qatar

[ area: 11,580 | capital: Doha | population 2,6 million | nom GDP 68,000 USD per capita ]

August 2022 the first Typhoons were delivered to Qatar. 

For more details about the Qatar Air Force look at the Mirage 2000 page.

qatar typhoon eurofighter
  Qatar Typhoon, code "QA406"
qatar eurofighter
  ... at the base..
Another 1/72 Revell Typhoon/ Eurofighter #04317 kit was made, now in a scheme of the Royal Saudi Arabia air force.

The basic kit assembly was done as described earlier. T
he IRST/FLIR fairing #50 was installed as included in the Revell kit.

The Saudi Typhoon colours are an overall BS381c 626 Barley grey with FS35237 patterns on top. Masking was done for the pattern.

I airbrushed the acrylic paints Gunze Sangyo Mr. Hobby H308 and about H337 for the pattern to suggest these.


Undercarriages are usualy very light grey and the radar dome a bit darker Barley grey. Gear bays white. 

The markings with decals were again custom designed and full colour laser printed. They are available on my decal sheet AIPD 13 "Middle East Typhoons" as seen above. Note the different hues of Saudi roundels used and provided on the decals sheet. Interested in a sheet? Look here ...  (1/72 or 1/48 or 1/32 or other scale). 


The model got a gloss varnish coat before decals would be applied. There is also a roundel at the lower wing tip (but not the RSAF title on the lower wing). The smaller stencils and low visibility light strips were used from the Revell kit decals. 

  suadi typhoon
The remainder of the model was made and completed as described above.
A few AMRAAM missiles and pylons were set. Inside the canopy, 3 tiny mirrors and handles were installed as the canopy was set tilted open. 


Saudi Arabia

map map flag sr

[ Saudi Arabia: area 2,149,600 mostly desert | capital: Riyadh | population: 33 million | GDP nominal USD 21,000 per capita ]

Saudi Arabia has the largest Typhoon fleet in the Arab World with over 70 aircraft. Deliveries started end 2009. At least 18 Typhoon T3 two seat trainers are operated by no. 10 squadron. Some 54 Typhoon F2 single seat multi-role Typhoons are flown coded 1001-1024 and 307-324 and ?  The Typhoons are flown at Taif/ King Fahd air base near Mekka by no.3 squadron, no.10 squadron and no.80 squadron of the Royal Saudi Air Force. For more information about this air force, look at the F-15S page here... 


  saudi typhoon 1/72 model   
  saudi typhoon 1/72
  ... at the base...
  saudi typhoon base
Another few Typhoon kits are in the stash like this Revell but also Hasegawa. To be made in the future in schemes of KUWAIT and OMAN that is also on my decals sheet AIPD 13.

Also decals have been prepared of RAF Typhoons No.1435 Flt deployed to the Falklands, see AIPD 58
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