AS 532 U2 Cougar 
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Cougar model in 1/32 scale
Matchbox / Revell Puma Helicopter Conversion  

Landing Gear
The undercarriage of the Cougar is very different from the Puma gear. On the model it was made from plastic rod and strong paperclip metal wire.  
Modelling report

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Wheels came from the spare parts box. The main wheels have another shape and diameter than those of the (kit's) Puma.

Engine area: final details
Engine area got various details made from rod and sprue.

Two different rear engine fairings were made, they are interchangeable to show the model in two  configurations.

The JDD fairings are also seen here, installed


Water tank
Interior with water tank and small seats. Straps were made from white wire.


The water tank got its 4 large pipes to dump the water. Made from thick rod from sprue as found in many kits with a hole drilled in. In real life, these pipes are fitted AFTER the tank is forklifted in the cabin. And the same applies for the model...

Final Finishing

Installing all various parts and sub-assembly pieces was next. This imposed no problems. 
The final finishing details were:
- adding small antennas
- adding wire antenna on top of vertical tail
- adding the mirrors and so on the cockpit glazing; these were made with thin rod.

And there it is! A Cougar Model in 1/32 scale

A quick overview of major conversion changes ...

Various views on the completed model. (note: a small number S-440 still to be added on to the nose tip)

 Engine and gear box area

Engine intake filters (in 2 different intake settings) 

Tail rotor and rods holding the folded rotor blades in place; Red remove before flight flags were also added.

 Side view. A small display was made of the naval vessel transport ship deck.

Eurocopter AS 532 U2 Cougar, 
Dutch 300 Squadron during naval trials in 2005
 # S-440

A unique addition to the 1/32 scale collection. 

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