AS 532 U2 Cougar 
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Cougar model in 1/32 scale made by Meindert de Vreeze
Matchbox / Revell Puma Helicopter Conversion
Modelling report
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And there it is! A Cougar Model in 1/32 scale
A quick overview of major conversion changes ...

Various views on the completed model. (note: a small number S-440 still to be added on to the nose tip)

 Engine and gear box area

 Engine intake filters (in 2 different intake settings) 
Tail rotor and rods holding the folded rotor blades in place; Red remove before flight flags were also added.

 Side view. A small display was made of the naval vessel transport ship deck.


Eurocopter AS 532 U2 Cougar, 
Dutch 300 Squadron during naval trials in 2005
 # S-440

A unique addition to the 1/32 scale collection. 

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Created November 6, 2005