Scottish Aviation Bulldog
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1/72 scale kit of the Scottish Aviation Bulldog by Airfix UK  made by Meindert de Vreeze 
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  (Bulldog photographed by me at Fairford in the 1990s)

The Scottish Aviation Bulldog was developed in the nineteen sixties as a basic primary trainer. Prototype flew in 1969. It has a two-seat side-by-side (with optional third seat) cockpit layout. Most aircraft were built at Prestwick Airport by Scottish Aviation and later on by Bristol.

The Royal Air Force bought about 130 aircraft were ordered, model 121 known as Bulldog T1. They were used as trainers from 1972 - 2001.   
Airfix had issued many years in 1975 a 1/72 model of the Bulldog. It was a simple kit is series 1 with no. 01061.

The parts are in with plastic. My kit had a blister package with on the back the instructions: 

These kit decals comprise 2 schemes:
- RAF trainer T1 scheme of the Central Flying School at Little Rissington, Gloucestershire, England, as used around 1973
- Swedish AF trainer of F5 wing in Ljungbyhed, Sweden with a camouflage scheme.

The rear hood frames are moulded with the fuselage parts, so the rear hood can not be set open. This model was really made straight out of the box as RAF T1, assembly gave no problems. Some filler was needed on the wing roots and sanding on the engine cowl. The few panel lines are raised but retained. 

Now the overall model got a light grey base coat. Correct any irregularities as needed. 

Most work with model is applying the colourful RAF scheme with the airbrush of white, red and grey wing panels. The colour scheme was applied as indicated in the Airfix instructions. 

I used for the RAF trainer scheme the colours:
White:  Revell acrylic 360301
Red:     Revell acrylic 36131
(these are the paints in the Revell blue square paint containers...)

.... and for the mid wing area of Light grey: Gull Grey FS36440 using Gunze Sangyo acrylic H325.

The black anti-glare panel was masked and airbrushed as well.
The model got a decal protecting clear coat of Johnson Future/ Pledge with the airbrush.

The one part clear cockpit hood and wind shield had a good fit, the frames were painted white with a paint brush.

Some views of the completed model..... 

A nice addition to my RAF British trainer model collection.   

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