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Alphajet in 1/72 scale from various kits

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More Revell (Heller mould) kits were made with decals from the PRINT SCALE set #72-182.

An Alpha jet "E" of the Togo Air Force / "Force Aerienne Togolaise".

Assembly was done as described for the earlier kits.
Add-ons required were the longer bigger spine and 2 nose strakes. I found out to late so had to add these after airbrushing but obviously much better to do this earlier!

Camouflage colours airbrushed with these acrylics:
(1) lower surfaces Medium blue (approx FS36622) using Gunze Sangyo 314;
(2) Sand using Revell aqua 16;
(3) Green using Gunze Sangyo 314;
(4) Dark brown FS30140) using Gunze Sangyo 310;

So the spine had again to be airbrushed now.

After that, some gloss varnish was airbrushed with thinned Johnson Future/Pledge. This will help to adhere the decals and avoid silvering. Decalling was done with the excellent Print Scale decals and sourcing the walkway lines from other kits.

This Alpha jet model was made with canopy closed so some details were added in the cockpit like harnesses on the seats and ejection handles.
The canopy frames were hand painted and around the canopy the gaps filled with white glue and painted as well. (A better approach is may be to do this before airbrusing and masking the clear areas).

The clear canopy areas were enscribed to mark the detonator chord. The large spine antennes was added as well as nose pitot tubes from scrap.

The trainer model configuration was kept "clean" without any stores.

togo map  togo flag  togo roundel
[ area: 56,785 | population: 8,7 million | capital: Lome | GDP USD 700 per capita nominal ]

Togo became independent in 1960. A small Togolese Air Force (in French: Armée de l'Air Togolaise) was established in 1964 with French assistance. The C-47 was the first type and later a few DHC-5 Buffalos and Broussards arrived. Some 5 ex-German Magisters were also acquired and 7 MB-326 attack aircraft (license made by Embraer). A Fokker F28 served as VIP transport from 1975. In 1981 5 refurbished Alpha jets arrived with TB-30 trainers. Main bases are at Lome airport and the Niamtougou fighter base.

togo alpha jet
    "Force Aerienne Togolaise"  Alpha jet "E" , coded 5V-MBA 
togo alpha jet
up view
platform togo


Another Revell (Heller mould) Alpha jet "E" was made, now in scheme of the Nigerian Air Force.

Decals came again from the Print Scale set #72-182.

Assembly and corrections were done as described earlier op page 2.
Add-on required were for this upgraded "E" version is in this case only the longer bigger spine (but I did not see any nose strakes on real aircraft).

Colours applied with the Harder Steinbeck Infinity airbrush were acrylic paints:
(1) lower surfaces medium blue (FS35177) using Gunze Sangyo H25;
(2) sand using Revell acrylic 16 "braun"
(3) dark green (FS34102) using Gunze Sangyo 303;

I was not sure about the walkway lines on the stabilizer so did not add these. The spine antenna was added as well as 2 small nose pitots. Only two pylons were installed but no stores (yet). Nigerian air force roundels carried in six positions.

nigeria map  nigeria flag nigeria roundel
[ area: 924,769 | population: 267 million | capital: Abuja | GDP USD 2,400 per capita nominal ]

Nigeria is a large country with a large population that became independent from Britain and formed a Federation in 1960. In 1961 Nigeria started to set up an air force (NAF) and in 1964 it was formally established. Assistance was obtained from West Germany, Canada and India for training. Some Federal aircraft in the first years were 2 MiG-15UTI and 8 MiG-17 jets. In the mid 1960s a civil war started in the eastern region of Biafra. Support was obtained from the Soviet Union with some MiG-17 and Czech L-29 armed trainer aircraft. From Egypt and Algeria some Il-28 bombers were obtained. In Biafra the rebels had a few Saab MFI-9B Minicons deployed. The conflict ended in 1970.
Later on, the NAF participated in various UN missions, like in Congo and Tanganyika /Tanzania.
In the 1970s some additional L-29 Delfins were acquired and Piaggio P149 aircraft as well as some C-130 and Fokker F27 transpirts. From 1975 some 25 MiG-21MF and 6 MiG-21UM aircraft were delivered and in the 1980s, two dozens of L-39 Albatros trainers were bought as well as Aermacchi MB-339, so the trainer fleet is quite divers. From Europe, in 1984 some 18 Sepecat Jaguars attack aircraft (13 SN and 5 BN) were purchased in addition to some 24 Alpha jets "E". But the Jaguars were flown only until 1991. Other types are the transports Dornier Do-28 and Do-228 as well as ATR42.
From 2009 from China some 15 Shenyang/ Chengdu F-7 fighters (modernized with ELBIT systems) were purchased and based at Makurdi replacing the old MiG-21 fleet. In 2011 a modernisation program started on the 13 remaining Alpha jets based at Port Harcourt and it seems that 2 additional Alpha jets came from a source in the USA. They are also used in the conflict with islamic Boko Haram. A few Pakistani JF-17 Thunder fighters are also available. In Nigeria there are approx. 12 air bases and also a fleet of helicopters operated including attack Mi-24 "Hinds". But a large number of aircraft is unserviceable due to lack of parts and clear controls in this "arrange all by yourself country".

nigeria alpha jet
  nigeria af This Alpha jet coded "NAF 452" was deployed to the Nigerian ECOMOG contingent in Sierra Leone in 1995.


nigeria alpha jet
The 6th Revell (Heller mould) Alpha jet "E" was made in a Morocco Air Force livery. Decals came again from the Print Scale set.


This is standard Alpha jet "E" and no "add ons" are needed. 

Colour is an overall "Sea grey" using Gunze Sangyo 335 acryllic applied with the airbrush.

The canopy was set closed. An anti-collision light is present on the spine in front of the vertical tail. The antenna is a bit different so was made from scrap.
morocco alpha jet
morocco location morocco map morocco flag  morocco roundel
[ area: 446,300 | population: 37,2 million | capital: Rabat | GDP USD 3,400 per capita nominal ]

The Moroccon air force (  القوات الجوية الملكية )  was established end 1956 as "Sherifian Royal Aviation" with a lot of French equipment like Morane Saulnier MS-500 Criquets and Broussard prop aircraft, a few Bonanzas and a Heron. Hawker Furies from Iraq formed the fighter force. In 1961 the official name was the "Royal Air Force" of Morocco. In the 1960s Soviet aircraft were purchased like 12 MiG-17 and a few MiG-15UTI trainers. The bomber force were 4 IL-28 Beagles and still some 24 French Magisters. Politics changed in the mid 1960s and there were tensions with neighbouring Algeria. The conflict in the West Sahara with POLISARIO (supported by Algeria) drived purchasing many helicopters like Chinooks, Gazelles and Super Pumas. T-6 Texans were used for basic training as well as some 23 Alpha jets "E+" arriving from 1980. From the USA F-5A and F-5B aircraft (eventually after declining the order several times some 26 aircraft) were obtained as well as DC-3/C-47 and Fairchild C-119 and C-130 transports. Mirage F-1 fighters were bought with the first F-1 arriving in 1996. In addition two dozens of Northrop F-5E and F-5F Tigers and from 2011 two dozens of F-16C/D block 52 aircraft were purchased flying along with the remaining F-1's. Other types are also used like Falcons, CL-415, and CN-235 and a few C-27 Spartans. A small maritime aircraft fleet is also established. 
morocco air force alpha jet

morocco air force alpha jet 

morocco alpha jet
  Alpha jet "E"
morocco air force alpha jet

  "situated" at the airport of Marrakech, Morocco.

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