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Alouette III models in 1/72 scale   

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Have a look at an old Heller Alouette III model made
in the markings of the Royal Netherlands Air Force over 35 years ago. It is shown here....
The first recently made 1/72 Heller Alouette III SA319B model was finished in the markings of Sierre Leone in West Africa. The kit got the parts for the Astazou engine and details, see page 2. The 'steps'  below the entry doors were replaced and made from thin plastic rod.

The cabin was made as per kit with closed doors.
Overall green colour airbrushed was Revell 67 Aqua grun and the tail bar red. The markings came for Berna decal set BD 72-116.

The rotor blades were airbrushed medium grey and after masking got aluminium metal leading edges but no photos could be found that showed coloured blade tips.  

Sierra Leone
 vlag    roundel  

[ area: 71,740 km2 | population: 8 million | capital: Freetown | GDP USD 500,- per capita nominal ]
Sierra Leone in West Africa gained independence from Britain in 1961. In 1973 a small air wing was set-up with 4 Saab MFI-15 as part of the Defense Force and operated a handful of aircraft for support. A few Hughes 300 and 500 helicopters were also flown as well as a pair of Bo-105C. In the 1990s there was a severe civil war for over a decade. It is a very poor country but there is now a democratic system. The current Air Wing aircraft flown are Partenavia Viator with still a few Alouette helicopters but also 2 SA330 Puma, 2 AS355, Westland Commando and Mil Mi-17/ Mi-8. An armed  Mi-24P "Hind" is now discarded. The only air base is at Freetown/ Cockerill Barracks heliport with the Lungi international airport far away across the Tagrin bay. There are also a few small airstrips at Bonthe, Bo, Kanema and Kabala.

alouette 3 sierra leone
   SA319B, code SL-401 
upper view
alouette III sierra leone
sierra leone alouette

freetown view
  Freetown Cockerill Barracks heliport:  
freetwon cockerill barracks heliport
courtesy Google Earth imaging

The next Alouette III model was made in the markings of Ivory Coast / "Cote d'Ivoire". The engine parts used were for the 
Artouste with main parts #36+37. The right pilot door was separated with a TIGER razor saw.

Overall colour airbrushed first was white and the green areas after masking in Gunze Sangyo H302 acrylic green FS34092.


Some "sand / particle air filters" were added from scrap, see page 2 how. 
tropical filters

The rear doors got a transparant green colour with a wide brush using Tamiya X-25 clear green acrylic paint.

The markings came again from Berna decal set BD 72-116.


Ivory Coast /
Cote d'Ivoire
map  valg  roundel

[ area: 322,500 | capital: Yamoussoukro | population: 24 million | GDP US $ 1,900 per capita nominal ]

This former French colony "Cte d' Ivoire" (in English "the Ivory Coast") became independent in August 1960. The first aircraft flown with French assistance were Max Holste Broussards, DC-3 and later C-47. Some 2 Alouette II and 3 Alouette III helicopters were acquired in the 1970s.  

Some jet aircraft were also flown later on.
Look for more info about the Ivory Coast air force on my MiG-23 page here...

ivory coast alouette 3  Alouette III SA319B, c/n 2117, coded TU-VAX probably used by the Presidential Flight.
alouette 3 cote d'ivoire

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