Vought A-7 Corsair II   in 1/72 scale
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1/72 scale A-7 Corsair II  (Fujimi) 
kit review / modelling report

Another Fujimi A-7E kit #F9 was made as seen on page 1....

The kit was similarly assembled as described on that page, but now a model would be made of a Thailand Navy A-7E aircraft. 


Photos are easily found on internet. The Thai A-7E also has the cable ducts (parts #50 , 51) and also the lower fuselage fairings #57 and 52. Sometimes also the missiles pylons #28 are fitted, but I did not use these. 

I had to fill sink marks in the main wheels. The rest was simply assembled as per kit and nice is that there is an intake trunk.

Some filler is needed at the lower wing and the lower fuselage nose section.

The standard US Navy scheme was still used by the Thai Navy, comprising Fed.Std 16440 upper and lower white 16875 surfaces (and also the upper moving surfaces).

Colours used were: 
FS16875 white:  Gunze Sangyo H2  acrylic that was first applied
and after drying and masking
FS16440 gull grey : Gunze Sangyo 325 acrylic

A grey walkway is also seen on the moving aft horizontal stabilizers.


I obtained decals from the Thai SIAM decals, sheet 72026. This is a nice sheet with plenty of detail with also stencils for the pylons and fuel tanks. Markings may vary a bit between individual aircraft, so check photos on the internet which are easily found nowadays.

The model was finished with the gears and as extra detail, I added the hinge mechanism in the aft portion of the clear canopy #C3 from scratch made from card and rod. This detail is well seen when the canopy is open. Also, small parts suggesting mirrors were added in the canopy frame.

A final coat of Johnson Future varnish gave an even sheen and protects the decals.

The result is a nice little A-7E model of the Royal Thai Navy. 
Thailand obtained ex- US NAVY second hand 14 A-7E's and 4 TA-7C trainers. The aircraft after being inspected and repaired at the Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida USA were delivered to Thailand in the summer of 1995. Used for coastal defense and sea patrol duties, the aircraft were used by the Thai Navy 104th "White Shark" squadron of 1st Wing.
Based at U-Tapao International Airport at Pataya about 150 km south-east of Bangkok at the Gulf of Thailand, this is a former Vietnam era B-52 base, now a Royal Thai Navy Station. 

Nowadays, Thailand has significantly modernized its armed forces. The A-7's were probably not used anymore after 2007. 

  LTV (Vought) A-7E  Royal Thai Navy, "code 1408" 

can you read this? probably royal thai navy...

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