Grumman EA-6B Prowler
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EA-6B Prowler model in 1/72 scale

[3] The next kit is for a EA-6B Prowler kit in 1/72 scale in 2001 and it is from Hasegawa. 

old box
Kit #K14 was first released in 1979 and later in many other boxes and also by Minicraft. (Note that in 1980 Matchbox also came with a kit in multi-coloured plastic).  

First an old model made in 1980 is shown here. I bought it with a "postal money order" in the U.K. at the time as it was not available in The Netherlands at that time.

The original Hasegawa kit's decals were used, there were no others! But the cockpit was detailed with sprue.

  note details including rear view mirrors


[4]  Another Prowler was made many many years later. It is the same  1/72 Hasegawa kit. This 1987 release with markings for USN VMAQ-2 and VAQ-136.

This model was detailed more as it was cross kitted fitting the "slatted" Fujimi kit wing. This is not that difficult. You will have to adjust slightly the main undercarriage bay lengths. Also, refine the exhaust pipes by thinning the walls are reducing the length. 



Also, the flaps will be lowered, the Fujimi kit parts being cut out and some putty applied on top to get the rounded airfoil sections. 



Added were details and bits of plastic strip and sprue to detail the Prowler cockpit, without seats here..

The Prowler was given its first coats of paint. I used enamels at that time for the FS 36440 gull grey and white lower surfaces.

The flaps are also painted, red areas to be added later on...

Adding details and bits of plastic strip and sprue to the Prowler cockpit was done. Also added were strips to seal of the cockpit area, made on thin metal sheet. These can be seen on pics of the real aircraft.


I had to make some flap tracks from thin strip and the cockpit wheels and undercarriages fitted. The main undercarriage parts were from the Fujimi kit as I swopped the wings! This can be seen in the previous EA-6A pages.


I also payed a lot of attention to the extensive stores sets with the kit. The jammer pods, fuel tanks and pylons all need sanding and filling to get a nice result.

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