Fairchild A-10 "Warthog"
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A-10 model in 1/32 scale Trumpeter kit
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Decals are a combination of ASTRA, Trumpeter and home made. 
A note on the Trumpeter decals: they are very thin and wrinkle quickly, so assure that you apply them from a piece of cart. Why? to get rid of paper particles. After having them in the water, slide them on a piece of cart (removing the paper residue...)  and then apply to the model as needed. 

I had to make some of the decals myself. The emblems of TAC and the squadron are on the Trumpeter decal sheet but are coloured. For this JAWS scheme a black version was needed.

These decals were made as follows:
- the Trumpeter colored decals are cut out
- they were scanned in color on the computer scanner
- they were processed and converted with a photographic PC program into black only 
- they were printed on a piece of paper in black to check the correct size; reduce / enlarge as need with the PC program and reprint again
- the decals were printed with my inktjet printer in the highest resolution possible from the PC onto a piece of Bare Metal Foil clear decal sheet (stock # 122), especially suited for inktjet printers;
- the decals were given a protecting coat with a brush of Microscale Clear Liquid Decal Film 
- after drying, cut out; they can now be handled as any decal!

 "home made decals' 

Other decals:
- The ASTRA decals # 3204 were used merely for the stencillings and larger RESCUE etc markings. Check pictures, there are differences between individual planes. The stars-and-bars also came from the ASTRA sheet.
- The Trumpeter kit decals were used in some areas, such as the stores and the fin tip markings: the yellow-black checkers were made by cutting the Trumpeter decals # 14 and applying them on top of a yellow base decal (from Scalemaster)

Assure that you have a clear glossy base coat. Another trick I use is the usage of a water-delutable "child friendly" paper glue. Can be found in any bookstore. Apply the glue (with water and a brush) to the spot where you want your decals. Slide decal into position, press with a cloth and let dry. It lets your decals set well on the area with very little chance of air bubbles being trapped.

After applying the decals, clean up and apply a mat coat of Johnson Clear with a mix of Tamiya Flat base. It was sprayed on, giving an  excellent sheen. Do the same on the left off parts that have the various basic camouflage coats!

The stores in the kit vary in quality. The GBU-10 was replaced with one from a Tamiya F-15E kit, the ECM pod came from a 1/32 scale Revell F-4E Phantom. Others will be Maverick from the Revell Hunter and an AIM-9 Sidewinder from the 1/32 Tamiya F-15E  kit.

All stores were given their required colors, depicting in this case many stores for early A-10's such as the ECM pod and Sidewinder. Bombs were given colors of olive and plain green with details in metal etc,.

Attach desired stores and the Warthog gets its Business load!
The various braces (parts H22) can be used, but need some bending with a plier to assure that they mate with the stores; obviously on the catuel plane they are adjustable for adding stability in flight.

The cockpit section was further detailed with the rear panel behind the seat.

Attached transparent parts and the upper and lower anti-collision lights were give e coat of transparent Tamiya red. The pitot tube supplied is OK but very sharp. Finally, add the engine cover in place with the parts  supplied , set the canopy, add seat. 

the A-10 is ready for take-off!!

The HUD got two transparent parts, made from thin clear plastic; Trumpeter provides excellent instruments in the forward hood but electricity lines were added from very thin sprue. 

Cockpit with details; remove before flight tags came from a Tamiya F-15E on 1/32

details with canopy left off..

Left engine detail

tail section
 Checkered tail tips
ECM pod


Gun bay area with opened panels

 Main undercarriage 

The ladder from the kit is OK. The anti-slip areas were painted with black on top of the "steps".  

Forward area with opened gun access panel, note pressure locks added to the panel and their gaps; also the opened gun nozzle vents can be seen here to advantage in this picture. 

Side view with Pave Penny Pod and corrected rear canopy and slightly tilted forward canopy hood. The nose shape is fatly improved here as compared to the original kit parts. 

  side view of completed model

   Under wing "stores" 

A quick overview of corrections to this kit...


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