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F-16 models in 1/32 scale
F-16I SUFA  using the Academy kit 

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The F-16I SUFA was now in the stages of completing the model. Most of the decals were applied before.

The refuelling panel got a slightly different colouring as the decals suggest. This was done with paint.

The various fairings #M20- M23 like those on the intake were fitted, but I noted that the lights #L22 are (went plane at rest) not coloured, but have a smoke tint. This was done with transparant Tamiya paint.

The wheels and undercarriage were added and weathered with PROMODELLER black wash. The details in the bays got details with various colours. Please note that Academy provides decals for these parts as well. The battery is orange coloured.

I found out that the forward section of the canopy of the SUFA is often tinted "gold/smoke" whereas the rear portion is clear. As there are 2 canopies in the kit, this can be achieved.

Both canopies were cut half way (where the mid-frame is) and carefully  sanded. Take care here! The tinted front and a clear rear were mated and the frames airbrushed in the right colors. At the cut, we are lucky! There is mid frame with decal #85

I needed to use white glue to close some canopy frame gaps. 

Detailling the cockpit was now done. Although I had purchased 1/32 seats from AIRES, I found these to be much too small. So the kit seats were detailed with bits of tape, sprue, wire and making straps from a wine bottle package.

The seat cushions and parachute pack were painted black with quite some gloss vranish added. In the seats, when at rest, yellow lines with various safety pins etc are seen, these were made from wire. Note that the cockpit colours differ per e.g. the F-16B Orange Jumper or other F-16's. So check with pictures if you can when making a particular model. 

On the edge of the cockpit at the canopy area, a very thin edge was added from sprue to suggest the closure seal. 

In addition, various red plastic bits were added ("remove before flight"). Te various "remove before flight" tags are supplied as decals in the SUFA kit with Hebrew texts. Some wire was used as well. These were applied all over the airframe looking at pictures of the real SUFA.

Inside the canopy, 6 hooks were added as well made from a photo negative frame.

Also, I drilled open 2 holes at the rear end in the fuselage to fix the canopy later with 2 small metal rods. These rods were set inside the canopy itself. I found that installing an open canopy interfered a bit with the spine part. Inside the canopy, the mid frame was covered by a spare black decal and outside using the excellent kit decal #85. 

I also had to lengthen the actuatorbar part # K44 as well by 5 mm to have the canopy looking correct in the open position. 

The exhaust area was also added now. The parts were given a metal coat and a couple of gloss coats. 

The trailing edge flaps were set down at an angle, but the rear speed brakes set closed.

Final details added were:
- adding static dischargers from thin wire (thus not using kit parts #B13)
- coloring the various anti-collision lights
- adding the pitot tube as per kit instructions
- adding various braking wires and hydraulic lines on the undercarriage legs etc
- adding the HUD as per instructions, part L1
- the nose antennas #D72  were painted FS36375 

The nose ECM fairing is seen here as well although its shape is not 100% correct, it looks OK for me. 

Some wash was applied regarding panels and flap hinges using PROMODELLER black was. But the model was not extensively weathered as the SUFA are kep in god condition in the Israeli desert sun.



Stores were added as well, the Python missiles being really nice. I added yellow caps on the head.

The ASRAAM AIM-120B is also seen at the wingtip launcher.

After all this was done, the model got a protecting coat of Johnson Future with some drops of TAMIYA Flat base X-21 to protect the decals. The flat base makes the varnish duller. 

x-21 flat base

And that completes the F-16I SUFA model.... 

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