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Lockheed Martin F-16B Orange Jumper
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F-16 models in 1/32 scale
F-16B converting the SUFA Academy kit 

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Views of the completed model

Canopy detail

LANTIRN pod under the intake detail

Good view of underwing detail

Light grey walkways, these were made from spare stripe decals. Note also the tiny wingtip light and the various stencil markings. 

Detail of the tail with the Orange Jumper shield

Upper view with the right wing tip in black-white markings seen here to advantage. 

Note that the trailing edge flaps are set down at an angle 



The Orange Jumper in the Frisian landscape at Leeuwarden AFB.... 


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So that was it! The Orange Jumper model is completed.

A nice model in the model collection.. and yep.. a 1/72 scale model will also be made.  

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