Handley Page Victor B.2R(BS)

Victor in 1/72 scale

The Handley Page Victor was one of the V-bombers along with the Avro Vulcan and Vickers Valiant developed in to 1950s during the Cold War. The first prototype flew late 1952 and several versions were developed. The Victor would fly fast at high altitude to its target adnd drop a (nuclear) bomb. The scheme was an all "anti flash" white. Later on, the misisons would be flown at lower levels and Victors got a camouflage scheme. The Victor B2 had a different root wing section and Conway engines requiring wider intakes. A special version was the B.2 (BS) with a nuclear tipped Blue Steel stand-off missile. 

Later the nuclear roles were taken over by ballistic missiles and many of the Victors B2 were converted into K2 aerial refuelling tankers. 

Airfix has a released a nice 1/72 model on the Victor B. mk2 (BS); See notes below....


The model is in 1/72 from Matchbox released in 1983 (later released also by Revell in 1993) for a Victor K2 tanker.
Parts are seen here...


This old Matchbox kit dates from 1983 and needs refinements such as:
- add the splitter plates next to the engine intakes; a slot was cut and a strip with correct fence shape inserted
- sand of all "double" panell lines and rescribed all of them with an Olfa P-cutter
- add details such as the various scoops and antenna's, such as auxiliary intake in port /left wing leadind edge near splitter plate.

This model was converted into Victor B.2 (BS) of No.139 squadron from the RAF that carried the Blue Steel stand off missile. So the following was changed to the model:

For the B.2R or B.2(BS): 
- extend the wingtips ;
- adding the Blue Steel missile and its bay came from a 1/72 Airfix Vulcan model.
- adding the fairing in lower bomb bay (also from the Airfix kit but adapted)

Other low vis markings for desired RAF squadron markings. These came mostly from a spare Airfix Vulcan decals sheet. 

The Matchbox model needs a lot of work but basically is a surprisingly good kit regarding its dimensions and shape. It is not that difficult to do here the desired B.2R(BS)  conversion. 

Panel rescribing is best done BEFORE assmbly. Panellines were scored "in between many of the double" raised lines.

For the model construction, you will need to strengthen the various wing parts and to fill all panels and gaps with putty. The air intakes are crude and need a lot of work to get smooth results. The drooped outher wing leading edge is good for the later B2 marks and K2 but the gap needs filling. A lot of work is needed to get smooth surfaces but is worth the effort.

It was finished in an anti-radiation white color, with toned down pale blue roundels and serials. 

RAF Victor V-bomber 139 sq.




 The converted Matchbox/ Revell Victor B2.(BS)




Airfix has released a nice 1/72 model on the Victor B. mk2 (BS);
With my modelling friend Peter we have made an extensive review at the IPMS Nederland website; We have also included a comparison with this Matchbox - Revell kit!

So my conversion as presented above is now unnecessary as the Airfix kit offers this B.2R(BS) version.....




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