Lockheed T-33 "T-bird"
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T-33 in 1/72 scale with the Italeri (and Platz) kits 
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Another 1/72 Italeri T-33 kit #1444 was made but now in a scheme of the Indonesia air force TNI-AU with other decals. 
italeri t-33 1444
The model was made as described earlier in a similar fashion. The decals came from the 1/72 TAN model T-33 kit #2905. It has a nice shark scheme of a TNI-AU no.11 squadron at Halim base in 1972, Indonesia.
It has a natural metal scheme with a olive green pattern.

For the metal Vallejo metal 77.701 acrylic was airbrushed and after masking for the olive green Revell Aqua 61.
The Tan model decals are very good and I got the TNI-AU decal left overs from my modelling friend Bas, thank you!

The model was made almost straight out of the box. The canopy was kept closed as per kit and flaps up. It got a gloss varnish coat after decalling.


[ 1,900,000 sq.km on thousands of island | Population > 270 million with some 700 languages | Capital: Jakarta | GDP US 4,000 per capita ]

After the end of the Second World War Indonesia fought a war to gain independence being a former Dutch colony. Nationalists under leadership of Sukarno declared independency on August 17,1945.
In 1965 Suharto did a putch and came into power with his generals, ending the tight Soviet relations. From the USA, B-25 and C-47 and additional F-51 aircraft were obtained as were 16 ex-USAF T-33 trainers.
For more info about the Indonesia air force look at the F-16 page here...

t-33 indonesia TNI-AU
T-33 TNI-AU 
T-33 indonesia 
T-33 indonesia 1972 Halim
.. at Halim base, 1972
halim t-33
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