Sukhoi Su-34 Platipus

1/72 scale kit of the Sukhoi Su-34 strike aircraft
The Italeri kit (No. 059) issued in 1995 is of another Flanker development, the Su-34 "platipus" is also shown. It is comparable with the western F-15E/F-111 in the ground attack role.  

The type has the NATO name "Fullback", of which about 120 aircraft are to be used in the modern Russian V-VS the next years.




parts 2 

The Italeri kit no. 059 is fairly good and can be build straight out of the box.

The only major modification suggested is to extend the width of the fuselage at the tail section. The vertical tails should should be flush with the fuselage contour, so I added 2x2mm of cart at the base. This is best done at stage 4 of the assembly shown in the kit's instructions. Putty and sand in a flat shape. 

The kit was finished in the blue scheme, using Xtracolor X138 and X139 enamels with white and the kit's decal sheet. 

Kh-31 missiles were also installed.


I also added a crew access ladder in the nose undercarriage bay.


platipus sukhoi su-34




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