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Flanker model in 1/72 scale 

The Sukhoi SU-27 series air superiority fighter aircraft from Russia are very capable and high performance aircraft. Known in the West as the "Flanker", it made a large impression on various air shows in the Western world back in the nineties demonstrating the "Cobra manoeuvre" which Western fighter aircraft were incapable of executing.  
Designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau (OKB), it is a huge aircraft forming the air defence backbone of todays Russian Air Force. The T-10 prototype flew mid 1977 and was top secret. When discovered by a Western satellite, it got NATO code name "RAM-K". A dozen prototypes/ development aircraft were built and showed a  significant re-design was needed. This T-10S (from T10-7... ) became eventually the SU-27. The first operational Flanker was the "SU-27" version. The SU-27UB was the two-seat trainer. It got code NATO name "Flanker". 


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Even naval versions were developed, designated SU-27K and called "Sea Flanker"; later, it was also referred to as the SU-33.
The Sukhoi Flanker was produced first in license in China by Shenyang as the J-11 and later the Chinese "copied SU-33" as naval J-15.

The SU-34 "Platipus" is a fighter-bomber with side-by-side seating.

In due time, the aircraft was adapted with new systems, airframe changes and new engines. Many variants were developed although no large numbers were produced, with different type numbers being used and both single seat variants, double tandem seat and twin seat Flankers have appeared.
Some new generations versions were fitted with new systems, weapon capbility and also canards like the SU-30 multi-role fighter. Further improved versions are the SU-35 and SU-37. 

Various versions have been exported to various air forces like in Africa the SU-27 to Angola, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda and to Indonesia. The improved type like the SU-30 is also operated by China, India, Birma/ Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and in Africa Algeria, Uganda and in South America Venezuela. Kazachstan, Belarus and Armenia along the Russian borders also fly the SU-30.


This modelling report describes the 1/72 kits of Hasegawa, Italeri, and later Zvezda kits. Many years earlier a large scale 1/32 naval SU-33 conversion was done, look at my page here... 

In the 1980s and 1990s, Italeri, Heller/Airfix and Hasegawa had issued several 1/72 kits of earlier generation SU-27 Flankers.

su-27 box

Hasegawa SU-27 Flanker kit #51570 released in 1990 seemed of these kits the most accurate in outline. 

su-27 content 



The kit was issued in 1992 with colourful Russian Knights demo decals and some smaller metal parts. (and also later in various other boxes). It was quite expensive to buy. 


It was build straight from the box using the decals as well. At that time there was not a lot of detailed information about dimensions of the SU-27. Painting was for the paint scheme required.  



su-27 up 


The Italeri kit (No. 187) of the SU-27 Flanker is also build.
italeri su-27 187 
boox contents

italeri decals   instr

It was build straight from the box many years ago. This model was finished in a typical Ukrainian colour scheme that was derived from photos as no accurate colour info was found at the time in 2001. (I did not take notes what paints I used, sorry). Ukrainian Flankers later on had the blue paint schemes.

The decals for the national markings came from a spare SU-22 sheet of High Decal Line, set 72-033.

Many years later when better kits came such as those from ZVEZDA, some pylons and missiles were replaced on the model.

Below seen is on top the longer range version of the R-27ER / AA-10 "Alamo", E indicates longer range version with longer central body of the AA-10 as provided in the Zvezda kit. Lower in the photo is the Italeri AA-10 missile which probably represents the shorter and shorter range R-27T / AA-10. 


UKRAINE  / Україна

ukraine map ukraine flag  rounde;     

[area: 603,000 | population: 41,4 million | capital: Kiev | GDP 4,000 USD nominal per capita ]

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and fall of the Iron Curtain, Ukraine became independent in 1991. Many combat and transport aircraft were left behind and exchanged with some 250 aircraft. The TU-160 was available as long range bomber with also SU-24 "Fencers". Some SU-27 "Flankers" were also used and given Ukrainian markings amongst MiG-25, MiG-23 and SU-15. Relations with Russia were in those days reasonably good under the governments at that time and also the Antonov company still got orders (plants were based in Ukraine). Finances were limited and many aircraft were put out of service the next years.
Mid 2010's the situation has dramatically changed with serious border conflicts with Russia which also occupied Crimia and the eastern Donbass areas of the Ukraine with local war lords. 

February 2022 Russian president Putin ordered a big brutal war against the Ukraine to change the regime causing severe losses and damage for the country. Ukraine and its people fight back to keep their country free and are supported by many Western countries to counter this Russian agression.  

su-27 ukraine


su-27 ukraine

side view su-27 flanker ukraine
su-27 ukraine

Note: ZVEZDA released some nice SU-27 kits, with in 2014 a complete new accurate mould. These are shown on...

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Wikipedia SU-27 , SU-30 , etc.

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