Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot"

Frogfoot models in 1/72 scale
The Sukhoi Su-25 Nato code name "Frogfoot" is a Soviet ground attack bomber of conventional design. It was developed as "Soviet A-10 counterpart" and has a straight wing and it can carry lots of "stores".

It has been and is in service with various airforces, obviously with the former Soviet Union, a model of this AF being depicted here as a model.


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KP of Czecho Slovakia has issued in the eighties a 1/72 kit (No. 27) of the SU-25K. Although a bit rough, it is the most accurate 1/72 kit available related to outline. 
The kit needs quite some sanding and putty, and needs most of its panellines to be removed. Rescribe some of these.
Also, shrink holes are to be filled and sanded smooth. 



Canopy was set open, and the canopy part replaced by a vacuform commercial part bought.
The nosewheel u.c. was remade and refined with sprue. 
The nose pitots were replaced with needles and are now much finer.

The model was finished in a typical colourscheme of green/brown of Humbrol 118 Tan, Hu-116 dark green and Hu-128 light grey undersides. I used a slightly different variation of the scheme.

It represents a Su-25K "frogfoot A"  aircraft from the former Czecho Slovakia AF in central Europe. Decals came from High Decalline set 72-002. The aircraft or 30'th regiment based at Pardubice AFB in 1988 has nose code "6019" and sharkmouth. These are a bit large compared to the real aircraft...




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