French Prototype aircraft

Prototypes in 1/72 scale

This page will show some 1/72 models of French prototypes of various periods. 

The Leduc series of aircraft of 1953 were experimental ramjet monoplanes of rather strange design. The pilot was located in a transparant nose cone,  lying flat with minimal comfort. The aircraft were pure experimental prototypes to investigate this type of Ramjet engine, with minimum parts but capable in theory of high speeds.

Check out my photo walk around published end 2016 on the IPMS NL website here:

The MACH2 1/72 scale model from France of the Leduc 021 is injection moulded, short-run,  and rather basic and needs carefull handling of the rough parts. The canopy is not a good fit, so I used some strips of plastic to "camouflage" the gap.

As the model requires a metallic finish, polishing is mandatory to get a good result.
The model was given a couple of coats of grey, than of Johnsonclear and sprayed in Testors metal with a final coat of Clear.

References:  - Jane's pocket book 12

The Leduc 022 is also an experimental French plane, much longer than the 021.

The Leduc 022 model is also of MACH2, a similar treatment being needed as for the Leduc 021.

The various shades of metal were also made bij using sprayed decal strips added later on and by polishing. A thick coat of Johnson Clear as varnish coat was finally put on both Leduc models. This is merely intended to protect the metal paint. 


I also had a MACH2 kit of the SO.9050 Trident but that kit was very bad with asymmetric port and starboard wing position etc. I am sorry but threw it away, something I rarely do...

The Dassault Rafale is a very modern delta wing fighter with canard and attack capability currently being put into service at the French AF after extensive testing and development by Dassault in 1980/1990.

The Italeri model (no. 026) in 1/72 is shown, being a nice model of the Rafale C.

Rafale References: 
- Air international vol 52, page 350-355;
- Air int, vol 42, page 233-240
- Flight international, no. 4168

Check out my walk around published on the IPMS.Nl website here: 


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The British manufacturers also made various prototypes in the fifties and sixties, some of them seen here...

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