McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom
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F-4J Phantom in 1/32 scale
The famous Phantom is a nice subject for all modern aircraft modellers. In 1/32 scale there are the expensive Tamiya kits, but also the Revell model (with a completely new tooling) is very worthwhile and is value for your money.

With some effort, Revell's kit can be made into an impressive model. Back in 1997, there was yet no F-4J version kit, so I converted the F-4E kit of Revell into an F-4J. It was made as a F-4J of US NAVY VF-31 on board USS Saratoga.

I presume the later issued F-4F kit has basically the same parts so you may use that kit as well as the Revell-Monogram issue. It appeared in various boxes and decals over the years, an example seen here:

Some parts of the Revell F-4E kit are seen here:

The Revell kit has some minor faults in outline: 

  • correct the tailfin to be square and reduce it 3 mm in height.
  • the intake parts are to much forward, leaving no "room" for an access ladder to the forward cockpit. I simply removed 5 mm at the rear of the intake parts.
  • the nose of the F-4J was taken from... yes.. the old Revell F-4J kit. The nose contour was converted by removing the kit's F-4E nose forward of the windscreen and by filling in the gaps. 
  • On the intakes, the later F-4J model's RVAH antennes were fitted. 


nose u.c. bay

The wings were given the typical re-inforcement at the u.c leg point, the F-4J having the "bulged" wings as the F-4E.The inner LE slat panelline of the F-4E kit was filled as the F-4J had no inboard slat. 
The exhausts of the Revell kit are quite good as can be seen here....
The F-4J refuelling probe was added with opened hatch, as well as the opened auxiliary doors and catapults hooks below the fuselage. Also, the smaller RHAW antenna's, IFF etcetera  were fitted
The undercarriage was detailed with brake tubing, and the legs given a weathered look. The main fuel tank was a nice touch together with several large Sparrow missiles below the fuselage and Sidewinders fitted on the wing pylons.
main gear
flap and missile station
The lower speedbrakes and missile stations.
The nose gear is seen below with card and plastic details added.


upper view

The cockpit area is a real challenge on such a large scale as 1/32. 

rear cockpit view 

nose u.c.

cockpit without seats
The cockpit section was re-built with detailed seats and the typical rear F-4J cockpit without side consoles.
Although resin seats can be bought, detailing the basic but good kit parts gives quite a good result also and we are modellers aren't we?

fwd panel      aft panel


The forward cockpit shown above... and aft cockpit on the right...

A nice view of the F-4J tail of  the version of the famous VF-31 "Tomcatters" unit, operating the F-4J on the USS Saratoga. Decals were custom made and also came from the spare box.
tail area
The tailplane with LE slots were from the older Revell F-4 kit used. Also, the LE lights and pitots in the tailfin were fitted.
Note the bare metal area on the tailplane and special RWA antenna on top of the fin.

The model took third prize in the 1/32 category at the IPMS Nationals Contest, The Netherlands in 1997.

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- Spirit in the Skies, F-4 Phantom special, World Air Power, 1992 by Jon Lake (excellent; full coverage of all variants)
- F-4 Phantom, Squadron signal
- F-4 Navy Variants , Detail and Scale, Kinzey
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