McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom
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F-4J Phantom in 1/32 scale

The cockpit area is a real challenge on such a large scale as 1/32. 
..rear cockpit view

Some very nice views:  Click on pictures for full size! 
nose u.c.

cockpit without seats
The cockpit section was re-built with detailed seats and the typical rear F-4J cockpit without side consoles.
Although resin seats can be bought, detailing the basic but good kit parts gives quite a good result also and we are modellers aren't we?
fwd panelaft panel


The forward cockpit shown above... and aft cockpit on the right...
A nice view of the F-4J tail of  the version of the famous VF-31 "Tomcatters" unit, operating the F-4J on the USS Saratoga. Decals were custom made and also came from the spare box. 
tail area
The tailplane with LE slots were from the older Revell F-4 kit used. Also, the LE lights and pitots in the tailfin were fitted.
Note the bare metal area on the tailplane and special RWA antenna on top of the fin.

The model took third prize in the 1/32 category at the IPMS Nationals Contest, The Netherlands in 1997.


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