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Hasegawa P-3C in 1/72 scale modelling report
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modelling report
The kit from Hasegawa released in 1980 in 1/72 scale JS-147 is excellent and can be found in different versions and re-issues.  Twelve Lockheed P-3C were operated by the Royal Netherlands Navy air service MLD.

The Hasegawa "P-3C Update" kit was used for this model. It needs some small conversion work.

The parts are OK, here you will see the larger parts..

I made it more than 20 years ago so can't be exact on the enamel colours I used at that time.

The official colours are:
Upper surfaces:
Extra Dark Sea Grey (BSc 640 , approx Fed.Standard 16099).
Humbrol 106  or Xtracolour X-5 or X-376 could be used. 

A little white enamel could be mixed in to make it slightly lighter for "scale effect". 

Lower surfaces:
"Sky" (Approx Fed.Std FS 24424)
Humbrol 90 or  Xtracolour X-607 could be used/

How was the model detailled and completed?

The details of the APU and opened "bomb" bay. All details were scratch built. 

The rear housing for droppable sonar buoys.

The model required slight changes in the antennas and targeting pods.

The flaps were cut-out and put in the opened position. It required some work, but the red internal areas show of! A more close look from above including the walkways.


The rear NAVY marking "KON.MARINE" and details of the nacelles of the turboprops. The wheelbays were also detailed. 

A decal set from Dutch Decal #72015 was used for the Dutch navy markings. It has markings for MLD no.320/321 squadron at Valkenburg with Extra dark gloss seagray finish. 

Note the completely sprayed lightgrey / off white walkways. The kit's decals were dark grey, so not usable for this depicted aircraft. The masking took a long time, the walkways being sprayed light grey. 

The model needed al lot of stencil decals also. I was lucky to find the white dry "no step" markings from a different VERLINDEN decal sheet. A lot of work, but the result was worthwhile.




The nose undercarriage was also detailed with paint. Note the drybrushed grills in the fuselage sides. The main gear bay was also opened in the forward area. 


The model, being superdetailed, took first prize 1/72 at the Dutch IPMS www.ipms.nl  Nationals of 1992. 

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