Hawker Hunter T.7 in 1/32 scale
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1/32 scale Hunter T-7 FISHER conversion of Revell kit

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STEP 18 
This is a very important stage in the model construction. The wing halves were mated to the fuselage. The overall fuselage is now ready for further taking on the wing halves. 

Refer to Revell instruction STEP 18 to assemble the wing to the fuselage. You will find that it may be necessary to cut off some of the plastic thickness sligthly on the insides of the parts on the forward bend edges of the wing intake gloves to get a snug fit. I also had to remove 1 mm on the rear wing root junction. 
The inner intake can be snugly glued  into the wing intake gloves. 


The intake ducts were than glued in place with the wing intake gaps and slots. White glue was used to close some of the remaining gaps. 

The dorsal spine needs filler as well. 

Some filler was added on the mating edges and sanded when dry. Quite some filler was need in front on the intakes. 

STEP 21, 22 
Assemble stabilizers as shown, but I had to thin down the attachement lips. On the outside edges you may need some filler on the edges. (Do not fit yet to the main assembly). 

STEP 23 can be skipped regarding the spine. 

Skip STEPs 24 up to 35 regarding the undercarriages for later. Note that FISHER provides metal gear legs. 

Now continue on....

After puttying and sanding, a first base light grey coat was airbrushed on the model to check for any errors and flaws. Some filling and sanding may be needed. 

Step 36 
The lower airbrake was assembled and set closed. The rear lower airbrake is seen here. 

The overall model assembled again got a base light grey coat. 

The light grey enables checking for the required smooth sanded finish. You see here the saw tooth needs some little filler again. 

Gun packfairing, fitted without any problem and the gun nozzle was drilled out a bit.

The mk.4 and the T-7 had a different engine than the mk.6. On the mid upper fuselage you will find a different configuration on
the grills and small auxiliary intakes for the engine as on the Revell kits. 
I used the drawing from the Echelon Hunter kit instructions. Most upper grill and intakes on the part # 23+24 were filled and new ones cut open and inscribed. Putty was used to fill up the not relevant kit details. 

The main fuselage and wing assembly is now ready. Some parts painted with wheels from the Revell kit 

With some seat details. Some belts/straps are also blue on Dutch Hunters.  

In the main undercarriage bays some details of brake wires and hydraulics were added inside the bay with some stretched sprue. 

Step 37 
The tail bumper was installed but not yet the belly antennas. 

Steps 40-42 can be skipped for the T-7. 

Steps 43-45 
The wing fuel tanks were assembled as they are often seen on the T-7 as well. For the RNeth AF mk.6 Hunter the pylons with parts #101-104 are not correct. We are lucky to have the parts of the other pylons still in the kit; they are still on the stores sprue. 
Use the parts #112-115 for a RNeth AF Mk.6. I could not really find the small bulges on the pylons on pictures, so sanded these off. 

Steps 48-53 (for F.mk6) can be skipped regarding the Sidewinder missiles and pylons 

The model is now ready to get the first end state colour coats to be airbrushed.

I purchased a 1/32 decal set from FLEVO Decals
This set includes decals for Dutch AF T-33 and T-7 Hunter. 

Dutch Air Force Hunter T-7 schemes had a variety of yellow dayglow or orange-red dayglow stripes with high speed silver base coat. I opted for the orange-red dayglow. Masking was done and after applying a coat of matt white, the dayglow was airbrushed on using Modelmaster 1775E

NOTE: the FLEVO decals drawings are not entirely correct; Dutch AF Hunters had their ailerons painted in high speed silver, so not dayglow as shown in the instructions. Fin antenna panels are also sometimes light grey, not always black. 

Note the kept free round section for the Dutch AF roundels to be added later. It has a silver edge. 

Some pre-shading was done on panel lines as well with black. 

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