Hawker Hunter in 1/32 scale 
Echelon vacuform kit overview

1/32 scale Hunter  Echelon (vacuform kit)

The Echelon kit was issued in the nineteen-eigthies by Frank Brown of the UK. The kit is a vacuform kit , comes with metal parts and extensive decals and allows you to make any Hunter variant. Also an Echelon two-seater vacuform kit was released; here an overview of the single seater kit will be shown.

The Echelon kit comes with many many parts, mostly in vacuform except for the metal details. It comes with various extra parts on exhausts, wing leading edges and stores to create the various variants. The kit is very accurate and it shows the research gone into it through the kit instructions and drawings which are excellent. 
The Hunter has imposed kit manufacturers  many problems to get the real shape accurate. The fuselages, intakes and wings of various kits (especially a large number of older ones in 1/72 scale) often had errors in shape and size.

But not so for this Echelon 1/32 kit. Contrary to many other Hunter references, the kit itself, its drawings and information is perfect.

The Echelon kit is hard to find nowadays and as Revell of Germany issued an injection moulded kit late ninetees, it will not be that popular anyway by the average modeller.

I have a couple of Echelon kits in the stack as my modelling friend Bas gave me one as he would not built it anyway. I will use some of its parts to make a conversion of the Revell kit to create a Hunter mk.4.

The Echelon parts come in numerous plastic sheets as usual for vacuforms. Here you will see the parts, some of which have already been separated from the backing sheet.

mostly fin and wheel weels



inlet and bulkheads

  exhaust parts, with or without para pack

You will also see here that the basic Hunter shape is a streamlined cylinder.

Two airbrake types are provided.

On the far left the earlier airbrake of the mk1-4 and on the far right the later slightly longer airbrake on the mk.6 and later marks. Also the hinge fairing is a bit different.
(in the middle you see the corrected Revell airbrake as used for the mk.4 model). 

The canopy and metal parts are shown here. Metal parts are mostly ejection seat (either 2H or 3H), instrument panel and landing gear. The canopy has unfortunately become yellow in time and unusable. Probably I should have covered in by Johnson Future when I got the kit to prevent light getting through ??? 

The decals are very extensive. They may be usefull to study these. The JPEGs are also shown with the backing decal colour removed. Note: you will not see the white decals anymore on this sheet)

As the kit is not easily found nowadays, you will find a scanned decals sheet here in parts:


NOTE: Large files may take a while to download; use in your browser the "save target" option to download. 

As Revell kits can be bought now, I will use the Echelon kits for some parts for the conversions and probably not build them. But how do they look? 

My modelling friend Henk Hirs made a couple of Echelon kits years ago depicting aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Air force. Some pictures are seen below. They should give you an idea on what can be achieved. The kits look very convincing. Henk, thanks for the pictures!

F6 made by Henk Hirs using the single seater kit

T7 made by Henk Hirs using the two seater kit

Pictures made by Frits of the IPMS The Netherlands 

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