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F-14 model in 1/32 scale
Revell kit conversion
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The 1/32 Revell kit of the F-14 dates back from 1985 but is a very nice kit in this scale. Very much cheaper than the Tamiya kit in the same scale, it has a good outline and can be used for a super detailled model.  
When it first appeared the kit has simple seats, decals as instruments and rubber tires.
This kit represents a F-14A Tomcat with the initial TF-34 engines. Colour schemes also changed during the Tomcat's service life, with the first traditional Gull grey/white scheme (FS36440/FS36875) and later on greyer Tomcats appearing. Check the references listed below!

This kit represents a F-14A.  Later versions of the F-14 can be made with some work however when changing smaller details and the newer later engine (GE) exhausts if desired with some scratch building. For this model a conversion to a F-14D will be done, but the basic F-14A kit can be used as a good starting point.

[Revell box art]
The 1/32 kit was later further improved in the nineties as Revell added new parts for accurate cockpit instrument panels, new seats, new wheels and also several decals were issued with several releases of this kit.



This Revell kit No. 4770 comes with decals for a grey VF124 Miramar F-14A Tomcat as it appeared around 1995 and a grey  VF111 Tomcat as it appeared around 1987 operating on the USS Carl Vinson.  


(With some diagrams from the Revell instructions seen also on these pages)

Now what can be done with this model?

I followed generally the kit instructions and the kit has only a few but LARGE parts.

Think of the following when working on this kit for all Tomcat versions:

1/ add weight in the nosecone!
2/ the main undercarriage bays are a bit deeper; these extended with card, needing also a cut in the wing swivel parts.

3/ slots were cut in the rear fuselage at the ventral vins for the two exhausts
4/ the wing moving surfaces need some deeper inscribed panelling; also the edges and gaps were cut in
5/ the undercarriage legs were strengthened by glueing in the legs some paperclips. The legs themselves also need some details (tubing etc). 
6/ use the good new plastic parts for the tyres
7/ the nose leg is a bit rough; cut off the torsion bars and make new ones from card. Add tubing etc.

As an extra, it was decided to add some detail by opening and detailling the forward cannon bays. 

At the engine area, a panel aft of the main undercarrige bay was opened and the engine to be seen detailled. The parts came from the scrap box. 

A fit problem is attaching the cockpit nose section to the rear fuselage section. Some surgery and putty was needed here to get it right.

The kit's cockpit is basic but has a good starting point to detail. 

The kit's cockpit is quite good with good seats "older style" Martin Baker GRU-7A seats for the F-14A and F-14B.  (If you make a F-14D, you need to change the seats to the Navy NACES types). 

Looking at pictures, various details were added in the cockpit area from card, strip etc. The edges of the cockpit should however to be made more wider. The updated instrument panels are accurate for the  first Tomcats as they appeared with raised details; the initial version of this kit came with decals, but now a much improved cockpit is provided.
The view below shows what can be made with relatively little effort of the F-14A Tomcat.

The Tomcat on a carrier deck often shows it entry ladder extended, with the two steps on the left fuselage opened.  This was also done on this kit, required some cutting and opening the recesses. 

Note: Older style MB GRU-7 seats seen above...

Detailling the undercarriage bays is also awarding for all versions  using stretched sprue and pieces from the scrap box.


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