Grumman F-14D Tomcat
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F-14 model in 1/32 scale 
Revell kit

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The cockpit section with painted instruments; the kit instrument parts have nice raised details (contrary tro the 1/32 Tamiya kit..)

The painted instruments...

The painted rear navigator weapons officer panel....

and below forward pilot's panel, HUD still to be added for the F-14D...

The scratch made F-14D nosepod (with double chins, such as an Infrared seaker)

with putty and ... sanded in shape... 

Panel lines of the entire outher airframe were rescribed where needed. 

The undercarriage legs being detailed with rods, strip and sprue... The nose leg's central rod to attach the wheel aisle if far to wide, so reduce the "track" 

The nice detailed plastic "Goodyear" type of tyres were used as supplied in the kit, rubber tyres not used.

Nose leg details

.... and overall view with legs fitted. Tails were still left off to enable further detailling as they need no further gap filling/putty because they fit perfectly.

Converted NACES F-14D seats were sprayed matt dark grey/black, detailled and details lightly dry-brushed; belts were made from masking tape and little pieces of copper wire.


The cockpit canopy was detailed with strips, hooks made cut from a photo negative and rod; more than 50 parts went in. Mirrors were cut from metal sheet. The aft rods are of a paperclip for getting a removable canopy hinge with two corresponding holes drilled in the fuselage spine. 

The view of the completed cockpit section with the canopy attached in such a way through metal rods that it can always be removed for clean-up or transport. A Head Up Display as fitted to the F-14D  was also added on top on the forward instrument coaming, made from rod and piece of transparant sheet. 

opened left engine panel; note the red cover of the Sparrow missile exhaust
    and main u..c and engine panel area (door still to be fitted)

The F-14D is powered by two F110-GE-400 engines which was converted from the kits parts (see page 2....). .The detailed GE engine exhaust area; detailling was done with metal housefoil sheet; inner engine was given a treat of mixed white paint, metal and "stains added..." 

The gap at the wing sealbags was also closed with some white glue



The completed model  



Left side lower forward panels were opened, showing the gun area, ammo drum and foldable ladder. The panels were detailed with fasteners etc and note the weight saving holes in the ladder....

  lower and upper view...

Stores also add colour and "life" to this F-14D model. So fitted are:
- AIM Sidewinder, with some parts from a Cutting edge detail set
- AIM Phoenix as in kit
- AIM Sparrow, kit parts slighly detailed with strip
- Two large fuselage pods as supplied in Revell kit
- scratch made LANTIRN pod

The F-14D LANTIRN pod made from an old bomb with the pattern as seen in the Tamiya F-15E kit, seen below and painted blue....

Kit's PHOENIX missile was fitted on lower forward fuselage fairing; (decals supplied are enough for just two missiles although parts for four are supplied in Revells' kit)

Sidewinder and Sparrow, the upper forward fin of the Sparrow was removed (is normally recessed in pylon)

Markings were added for a F-14D from VF-31 Tomcatters, with a combination of various CAM DECALS sets , such as CAM decal set no. 32-098. Adaptions were:
- using low vis small U.S. type start-and-bars
- adapting the various marking, uch as the intake warings to a grey variant (Cam decals)
- changed number

The overall kit after getting the gull grey colour was given a gloss coat of Johnson Clear Floor polish before applying the various decals, some also coming from the Revell kit such as the "yellow coloured low visibility" NO STEPS and smaller stencilling. 

On the model, in order to prevent silvering, next before applying a decal at a particular spot, FIRST apply deluted paper "children friendly water based" transparant glue over the floor polish; that can be removed with ample water and "glues" the decal after drying in place WITHOUT any silvering air bubbles being trapped).   

opened left engine panel; note the red cover of the Sparrow missile exhaust

 ..and main u.c. and engine panel area (door still to be fitted)

The upper spine larger F-14D antennas were fitted, made from thin card. The RHAWS antennas below the wing leading edge fairing as commonly seen on the F-14B's were not added as pictures showed many F-14D's not to have them. The grey walkways next to the rear cockpit areas were added, as supplied from CAM decals.

Leading edges of wing and stabilizers were given a strip of Bare Metal Foil; the wings were swept aft, the still small gap of the rubber bag area was closed with white glue and painted light grey.

All recessed panels were given a VERY fine treat of light grey paint wash, do not over do it!

  note tailhook

forward area 

a nice 1/32 F-14D Tomcat model is born...

projected on a "real deck"

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