F-105D Thunderchief 
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F-105D model in 1/32 scale

The Trumpeter F-105 kit was further finished. 
It was discovered that the instrument cover was too height (part #J52) , 3 millimeter (1/8 inch) was removed from the base. By this adjustment, the room between the canopy screen and aft cockpit was as in the real thing, "the pilot now had some forward vision". From the instrument panel, 3 mm was removed from the upper edge. (The instruments themselves are not affected)
the original too high incorrect coaming
.. and the new "coaming" ...
new... Note additional"room" separation. 

Also note the yellow edge around the windscreen, typical of these planes. 
older separation and... the improved new 
improved "instrument coaming" 

details of the cockpit area

The screen cockpit section got some extra detailing with stretched sprue and rod. 

  The Auxiliary airpower generator 

The avionics bay had some detail added form card and sprue and the the smaller opened panels got some detailing. 

 The Gun bay area

The gear bays with some added details from stretched sprue

 The section near the tail hook. 

The opened "pylon" access panel.....

The seat of the kit was slightly adapted (see page [1] ) , the arm rests being improved and details added. The seat can be seen here.... seat straps were made of tape and the "lead" of a wine bottle. Also 2 mm were removed from the "legs" of the seat (part # F10) to get some more room in the cockpit. 

The seat was set into the cockpit; the canopy was also set in place, but is removable from the model for transport and cleaning purposes.

The newly made canopy (see page [1]    ) got internal details from scrap plastic and got painted.

The gun bay can be seen here...

Upper and side views of this spectacular model 

The model of the plane itself is now ready. Extra "stores" can be added and this will need some extra research as an early F-105D did not carry "all the types of stores" as provided in the kit. I decided to leave them off.


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