Convair F-106B Delta Dart

F-106B in 1/72 scale by Hasegawa

The F-106 was developed as a long range air defence aircraft in the beginning of the Cold war by Convair. It featured a delta wing and was used primarily in the continental United States. It made use of experiences obtained from the F-102 Delta Dagger aircraft, being a much more capable airplane.
hasegawa f-106 box 1/72 
The model is from Hasegawa, an old kit in /172 scale (UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2011: SEE modelling REPORT). 
This kit is rather simple, needing additional detailling.
I selected to make a dual aircraft, the F-106B, requiring making a new canopy and adjusting the top fuselage sections including a refuelling receptable. The conversion was made from scratch using also Milliput putty, although Falcon vacu once issued a conversion set.  I made the canopy with a wooden shaped plug, heating up clear acetate sheet and tahn pressing the plastic on the plug. (sorry, forgot to photograph...) .


The rocketbay was detailed and the main undercarriage bays removed and deepened, adding more detail also. The two seats and the cockpits were made from scratch, using card and strip. The canopy was used with a wooded mould and heated plastic. 
(NOTE ADDED LATER: Falcon vacu issued vacuform canopies for several jet planes including the F-106B, this canopy was fitted later on as I got one)

The airbrakes at the rear were opened and also the decals were replaced by using a Microscale set as a basis. The intakes and exhaust pipe were covered with red protective covers made from thin plastic.

It was finished in air defence grey FS 36473 using CompuColor M145 enamel paint. 



f-106b delta dart

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