Sukhoi Su-37 Berkoot

Berkoot model in 1/72 scale 
Italeri kit made by Meindert de Vreeze
The Sukhoi Su-37 Berkoot is a modern Russian prototype of a fighter with forward swept wings. It's concept resembles that of the Grumman X-29, but it is much larger. Italeri issued a kit #1212 in 1/72 scale in the summer of 2001. So my scratch build Berkut was "superceeded by this model".

The Italeri kit follows the usual style of this manufacturer and the kit is very simple with only a small number of 40 parts. The total model is huge though, catching the shape of the real plane quite good. The decals are OK. 

Decals are simple but adequate.


Assembly was done straight out of the box. Some putty is needed with sanding.



Hints and tips on this kit:
- the parts break down of the canopy is not very helpful as you will need to put these on during final assembly for sanding to get a good fit. Protect the clear parts with tape. 
- the fit of the forward part 1A will need sanding and putty
- the wing moving surfaces are not pronounced enough. With an Olfa P-cutter make the areas panellines deeper; in my model the ailerons were separated as set at an angle.
- the undercarriage legs are 3 mm too long; reduce their length
- the intakes need some care with assembly and gap filling with white glue
- the two engine exhausts seem simple but are in the real plane also very simple.

Add some extra detail in the cockpit area with sprue and rod.

   Main undercarriage with some details from sprue

- For the final dark black coat a satin shade was used with Revell SM302 enamel. You can than add some details with pure black paint
- Also, do not forget the yellow edges at the intakes; they are seen on pictures and forgotten in the instructions
- wheel hubs are dark bright green
- the leading edge of the left tail fin (part #3B) should not be white but overall all black.
- the decal number 4 should be 5 and vice versa. Actually, they also should have been included for the lower wing tips.....

All in all a very nice model is obtained of this spectacular plane. modelling time was only about 15 hours. 

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