Sukhoi Su-37 Berkoot

Berkoot model in 1/72 scale made in scratch by Meindert de Vreeze

The Sukhoi Su-37 Berkoot is a modern Russian prototype of a fighter with forward swept wings. It's concept resembles that of the Grumman X-29, but it is much larger.

It was designed long after the cold war as a privat demonstrator by the Sukhoi company for the Russian AF. 


As no kit existed at the time, scratch building was needed for this model. End 2001, Italeri / Zvezda issued a new model, but OK, my model is in my collection for over 4 years. Check out the Italeri kit here....

I had no accurate drawings at the time, so the only available sketches and available pictures were used to make a 1/72 scale drawing. 


The model was made by using a Sukhoi Sea Flanker kit of Italeri with fueltanks in 1/32 scale of a F-4 Phantom! And obviously with card and a lot, a lot of body putty.

The fueltanks came on handy to make the lower fuselage with the rounded intakes.
The Italeri kit's wings were used, cut and fitted "backwards". The fins can also be used.

The canopy can be used as well as some undercarriage parts. The model was detailed with the cockpit opened and adding the ejection seat. 

The  canard can also be used after  modification.




The tailcone requires as a basis droptanks from the spare box.

The Berkoot prototype has a real blue-blackish finish, so the model was sprayed in that colour with white radome. Add the yellow and white leading edges and the stars came from the Flanker kit and spare box. 

And there she is!!


Yep, The Italeri kit arrived... check out here

A few photos of the scratch built (at rear) and Italeri kit (in front)


upper views look pretty good



The vertical tails of the scratch model are to heigh and the fuselage bulge should be a bit flatter.


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Created January 26, 2001;
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