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20 years
The site is non-commercial and is made by Meindert, a modelling enthusiast. No profits, just modelling Pleasure! 
 Meindert builds models for more than 40 years. He likes to build models of aircraft flown after 1945 in 1/72 and 1/32 scale. In 2011, biplanes in the period 1910-1920 as used by the Dutch airforce were also added as an additional model subject. Many models have won awards at Dutch model shows and in most cases a model is modified in one way or another.
Meindert is also an active member of the International Plastic Modellers' Society The Netherlands (IPMS Nederland www.ipms.nl ). 
Some information on common tools and techniques used can be found on the workshop page here....

Meindert lives since end 2019 in the lovely city of Haarlem, near the North Sea coast some 20 km to the West of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He lived in Amsterdam previously for some 25 years. 

For usual tools and techniques, look at this page...

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The site is hosted on the reliable and top notch provider www.xs4all.nl in Amsterdam The Netherlands. Privacy is one of the principal values. This provider has been elected the best and most innovative provider in The Netherlands many times since it was established. It is directly connected through KPN to the BIGGEST internet traffic center in the World, the Amsterdam AMS-IX Internet Traffic Center. I hope you have a quick connection with fast page loads.
Simple HTML code is used in the web pages and no scripts; emphasis is put on fast loading and clarity, providing useful information, not visual effects. 
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The model pictures were first taken using a Sony DSC-S70 3.3 million megapixel digital camera with Zeis lens or have been scanned. 
Now I use a Sony Cybershot HX5E with "G" lens. Pictures are optimized for fast loading through JPEGs. It always remains a compromise between size, quality and speeds. In the "old days", picture files on this website had to be kept at small size as speeds at the internet and @home were not very fast. For that reason you will see some smaller less-resolution pictures on older pages on this site.
Usually sizes are between 10 KB for very old files (pre 2005) and max 500 KB for latest files as many web surfers have faster network lines now. 
Most browsers and Apps should be able to display this site. 

All information and material is provided "as is" and in good faith. All material is authentic and of the author. Links and information to other sites courtesy the relevant authors. Links to this site can be made without reservation, however all material copyright by Meindert, the "Designer".

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