Fokker 60
UTA (Utility)

last update August 14, 2009


Photos of the "real thing"  
Kindly provided by Bas Damen and Meindert de Vreeze

The Fokker 60 is a larger version of the Fokker 50, with lengthened fuselage and with a large cargo door in the right forward fuselage. Only a limited number were built and put info service in the RNethAF.

The Fokker 60 has the longer nose with radar just as the Fokker 50 and Fokker F-27-500.
A six bladed propeller  is fitted.

The tail also has ECM equipment fitted.


The air force required protection ECM and Flarepod under the wing to be fitted on the aircraft.  

The Fokker 60's camouflage scheme has a similar colour as the RNethAF Fokker 50's and C-130's in use.

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