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Project Aircraft CBA 

The trainee period (practitioner) was arranged at EMBRAER, the well known Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, in 1985. A preliminary design project was done to investigate the "then" very popular alternative configuration: the three surface and canard design as an alternative of the conventional design. The Beech Starship and Piaggio Avanti followed at that time a similar approach. Argentina and Brasil worked together on this one. 
This project was the CBA-123 and was done in cooperation with FMA Argentina.
The initial investigation phase took over 3 months to complete. After that, it was found that the three surface configuration offered no real benefits, the main benefit principally being a better reduced trimdrag at various CG positions. 

The aircraft evolved further after the study as a conventional aircraft, but with advanced pusher props. It flew in 1987 as a prototype, but due to the economic crisis in the world because of the Gulf War, it was never put into production.



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