Panavia Tornado F2 (Air defence)
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Tornado ADV F2 model in 1/32 scale made  by Meindert de Vreeze
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This page shows some photos of the completed model. 

The Tornado nose section; The radar nose is made detachable, in order to show the radar. The kit's part can be used. 

The dual cockpit, with all newly made parts. Seats are scratch built 10's
.... CRT

The fin, with black exhaust reverser weathering. The wing flaps, made from card.


The intakes with complete tunneling inside..

A dramatic frontal view... and the refuelling probe...

The nose undercarriage and exhaust area, "re-made"
and more details on the aft sections... 

The finishing was straight-forward with excellent kit decals being used as provided.

uk flag 

A Royal Air Force No.229 OCU Training Tornado F2 ADV was depicted. Finish was upper Barley grey and BSC light grey undersurfaces. 

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Created December 14, 2003