Panavia Tornado F3 ADV (Air Defense)
1/32 scale conversion 
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Tornado ADV F3 model in 1/32 scale

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Views of the completed model. 
(Some pictures are clickable for larger views)

  Inside the intake a flow guiding plate is located (is in the Revell kit) ; also note the canopy details. 

  details on the lower aft fuselage with the Vicon chaff dispensers fitted

  here the small raising / lowering jack can be seen at the canopy hinge area. 

  the fin area was given a spray of black with the airbrush as often seen on Tornado's because of the thrust reversers fitted. 

 note: Pylons loosely set in place, will be fixed later after armament fitting

  upper view with the walkways

  side view

So there it is:  a RAF 1/32 scale model of a Tornado ADV F3  based at Waddington

I also added some armament.... 

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