Yakolev YAK-15 "early jet"

Yak-15 model in 1/72 scale

The Yakolev Yak-15 was a jet development of the Yak-3 fighter of WW II. It was the first jet fighter to enter the Soviet AF. It offered the USSR pilots their first experiences in the jet age. NATO code name was "Feather". 

.yak 15 side view
PM Model  of the Czech republic has issued a very simple kit in 1/72, No. PM-102.

The wing is to thin but can be used. The wing undercarriage bays are undeep as a result.

It simply build the model straight on, with some corrections to the contour at the jet exhaust pipe.

Add the wire antenna and a pitot and there she is...

. Finished as Red Demonstrator 
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- Air international vol 52, page 60

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