Yakolev YAK-15 "early jet"

Yak-15 model in 1/72 scale  
The Yakolev Yak-15 was a jet development of the Yak-3 fighter of WW II. It was the first jet fighter to enter the Soviet Air Force. The RD-10 jet engine was based on captured German Jumo 004 engines that were made in an underground factory at Dessau during WWII. The Yak-15 offered the USSR pilots their first experiences in the jet age. NATO code name was "Feather".   
PM Model of the Czech republic has issued in the 1990s a very simple kit in 1/72, No. PM-102.
pm model yak-15

The wing is too thin but can be used. The wing undercarriage bays are undeep as a result.


It simply build the model straight on, with some corrections to the contour at the jet exhaust pipe.

Add the wire antenna and a pitot. 

yak 15 side view  



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- Air international vol 52, page 60

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