Lavochkin LA-15 "early jet"

La-15 model in 1/72 scale

The Lavochkin LA-15 was one of the first jet fighters of the USSR. It was design "174D" of the Lavochkin design bureau competing end 1940s with the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau MiG-15. The LA-15 layout offered better characteristics near MACH 1 speeds and had good handling qualities. Its structure was complex and the MiG-15 proved to have better rate of climb, more range and was simpler to manufacture. Both MiG-15 and LA-15 went into production.
LA-15 NATO code name was "Fantail"

La 15

An "unknown" company from the new Russian republic has issued this  nice kit in 1/72. It was brought to me by my modelling friend Peter from Russia in 1993 and costing only 25 dollar cents in Moskou! Later I saw it was a kit from UNDA.
unda la-15 box

The kit needs removal of lots of flash. When neatly build, it results in a nice small model, just about 8 cm long.

parts canopy

The decals are useless, better seek others.


A lot of small parts are provided with even a detailed cockpit. The canopy needs polishing. The canopy was set open.

The dominant wing fences were replaced with thin card.

The model was filled, sanded and than polished as the metal coat does not tolerate any scratches.

Sprayed in light grey cover coat first, the red areas were painted, masked and finally the rest of the surfaces sprayed with metal enamel coat of Humbrol. 
Finished as Red Demonstrator at Tushino Air show , 1949, as shown in the kit's instructions. 

The model tends to be a tail sitter, and there is not a lot of space to fit in led. 
rear view

Also, some spare decals were airbrushed on decal in metal in a different metal hue, cut out in some panels shapes and added as decal. This prevents masking on the metal surfaces, yet puts some more live into your model.  

A nice LA-15 is in the model collection.

upper view LA-15

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