Mikoyan Mig-29 "Fulcrum"

Fulcrum models in 1/72 scale

The Mikoyan Mig-29, NATO code name " Fulcrum" was developed in the Soviet Union as successor of the Mig-21. The Fulcrum is a relatively small jet fighter, but it has two engines. Both a single seat at two seat trainer variant is available, and numerous versions of this aircraft appeared over the years, with even a "navalized" aircraft for testing.
hasegawa upper view..
Hasegawa Fulcrum (the first one...)


Several kits in 1/72 are issued. The first kit was from Hasegawa, No. K22, way back in 1987. Due to lack of accurate dimensional information in even those days, the kit is underscale. Nevertheless, it is not so bad and it is a fine kit to assemble.

The main fault is that it is, as stated, too small. Also, the shape of the canopy is not entirely correct. The auxiliary intake doors on top of the fuselage should be open only when the main intake doors are closed. Also, no "stores" are provided with this kit.

It was build further straight from the box.
Mig 29 side view
Finished as typical Fighter aircraft in the USSR, Blue "03"  .


Italeriissued the Mig-29 as a kit in 1/72, No. 192, around 1997 as the two seater variant UB.

The kit is fine and a large improvement over the Hasegawa offering, vast amounts of detailed information being available after the collapse of the Soviet Union. There are minor faults but nothing that is really a problem.

The model can be build straight on, with several variants through decals being provided. Add some details in the cockpit area and replace the antenna's.
Italeri Mig-29 UB
Fine stores are provided with the kit.
upper view..rear view

The model was finished in a Czech colour scheme. I used Humbrol 127 light grey, Hu-128 green and Hu-29 brown with the kit decals.

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