Yakolev YAK-38 "Forger"

Forger model in 1/72 scale

The Yakolev Yak-38, NATO Codename "FORGER", was a VTOL aircraft designed to be operated from the first true Soviet aircraft carriers.

Experience of Yakovlev in the 1960's was used in this plane, with the first YAK-36 FREEHAND...

The Forger was a first step, testing being done on board of the Kiev carrier. When discovered in the seventies, it was considered a serious threat for Nato.
Later, it became obvious that the Forger was a very small, and limited capability aircraft.


Hobbycraft  of Canada has issued in the eighties a 1/72 kit of the "Forger A" and it is not accurate. (Many years later AMODEL issued a much more accurate short-run kit)
Without major re-working, it will not really be accurate, so best to limit the amount of work.

The wing was slightly converted, with and the nose wheel and main undercarriage made much smaller. 

One of the problems is the wrong shape of the radar-nose and the fuselage. 

Also, the undercarriage as supplied is far too "high" and the wheels are too large.

These issues were corrected as far as possible, using lots of putty and using parts from the spare box. The cockpit was opened and detailed, the protective cover on the fwd VTOL engine was fitted with mesh. 

Finished as Yellow "16" of the Soviet Naval Aviation


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- Air international vol 31, page 84
- Yakovlev's V/STOL fighters, Aerofax, USA

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