Sukhoi Su-... "Fitter" family

Fitter models in 1/72 scale

The Sukhoi Su-... NATO Code name "Fitter" family is a series of aircraft developed from the fifties and throughout decades later to comply with various requirements of the former Soviet Union. Simpler variants were exported to many countries and the aircraft can be seen as being a companion of the Mikoyan Mig-21 "Fishbed" family.
Fitters were used as interceptors and ground attack aircraft

KP from Tsjecho Slovakia has issued a number of 1/72 kits. Copies were made by other companies and conversions made of several variants. 

The KP kit of Sukhoi Su-7 "Fitter A" is rather old, but accurate in outline. When refined, it can be made into a nice model. 


The model of the Su-7 BKL was finished as a German Democratic Republic AF aircraft, no. "35" . It has a metal look, with markings coming from the spare box.

The Sukhoi Su-9B is called the "Fishpot" and flew in 1958 in the Soviet Union. 

The 1/72 model used is from Unda of mouldavia. It is a very basic kit of around 1992, but accurate in outline and with clean plastic.

The kit can be assembled as is, but replace the finer parts, such as the antenna's and the intakes (no. 43) and airbrakes (36). You can also detail the cockpit and make a sharper edge at the tail exhaust. 

Finished as Red "65" of the VVS


The Sukhoi SU-22 M-4 "Fitter H"is a ground attack bomber with a swivelling wing and two man crew.

The 1/72 kit came from Italeri, no 052, as Sukhoi UM-3K. The kit originates from another manufacturer, but is OK. It is not state of the art, but results into a fine model when refined. It has recessed, but somewhat heavy, panellines. 

It was build as "3077" of the Polish AF
Decals came from High Decalline. 
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