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Royal Aircraft Factory SE-5a model kit in 1/32 scale 
Luchtvaart Afdeeling (pre-decessor Dutch AF) 
World War I Aircraft
modelling report

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Final completion of the model was next. 

A RB Productions set was bought for the “streamlined” flying wires. Where necessary these metal wires were mounted on a fishing line already applied. With a compass  the right length minus 2 mm was measured out, each metal wire cut and applied with superglue. You achieve that the flying wire is slightly shorter than the full length, just like in real plane. Metal brackets were set as well at the end suing bits of the etched metal set. This gives a nice effect. 

Also, I did not forgot to add the line torsionrods by using a drop of white glue painted black. Between two parallel wires are often seen some connecting rods. These I made with white glue as well, adding it with a tiny rod. After drying these were painted black, it looks great.

The control cables were also added at rudder and elevator.

The model was now given a coat of matt varnish, using a mix of Johnson Future with some 10% Tamiya X21 Flat Base.
The pilots seat was painted and some seat belts added. The propeller was painted, starting with a layer of light brown oil paint. After drying, a thick layer of varnish was added followed by acrylic paint for the wood grain with a light brush and wiping away paint with a piece of tissue. The wood grains were suggested using a dark brown pencil. 

The Dutch interned SE-5A biplane flew without armament, but I liked to add a Lewis machine gun as it probably flew right after the plane was interned. There are no photos unfortunately to prove this, but one can imagine that no plane flew unarmed. The etched metal set includes a Foster support for the Lewis gun above the wing and the rest is also in the kit. The whole gun assembly was painted metallic and  dry brushed. I also added a visor of thin metal. The gun trigger cable was made from a piece of wire.
The small fuselage glass panel was filled with Micro Kristal Clear. Around the cockpit edge on many SE-5 planes a leather edge is present. I suggested that with some thick white glue, which after drying was painted in brown leather. 

The engine exhausts were painted all metal. I decided to keep one engine cover/ hood open to show the engine. So in the engine compartment, some additional details were added like thin metal wires and piping. 

The model is now almost finished. I set on the LVA registration numbers using Dutch Decal set #32009. Codes are SE 214 and HS200. 

A couple of black smoke trails were sprayed on in direction of flight behind the engine exhausts. Some subtle varnish with a mix of very light brown and black was sprayed on as well at some areas. This suggests further weathering. Finally, with a brush some little brown mud at the pilot steps in the fuselage was added. 


A good view of the engine and prop area


note the "doube flying wires" 

A nice “Dutch” SE-5a in 1/32 scale is now in the collection.  Hope you like it. 

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