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Sikorsky S-55 model in 1/72 scale

The famous S-55 helicopter known under various names such as Chickasaw H-19A was issued by Revell in 1/72 scale in October 2000.

Italeri issued kit no. 1206 , being the USAF version. It is far better than the only other kit, that of Airfix.

Two versions of the kit appeared, the REVELL kit no. 04460  being the version that was also used by the Dutch Navy. Decals are also provided for the MLD and US Coast guard.  It is basically the same mould, but with another tail. That kit was used here...





It is a fine kit of Revell, with fine parts. 

First check out the fuselage halves.
The window frames are a bit heavy though. Also, the engine grills are moulded solid, cutting these out and putting in some metal mesh will improve the look.

A nice cockpit is provided, but leave part 10 out until some later step.
In step 9, part 54 is "forgotten" on the instruction sheet; it should be set on to the nose.
In step 15, the nose legs are in a wrong position; they should be "at" the bulkhead. 
The tail rotor diameter (part 32) is 3mm undersizes.

Some H-19 variants had a different under fuselage fairing ("canoo"), so check your references. The same applies for the smaller antenna's etc.

The Dutch Navy (MLD) version has a different winch. This is made with some sprue and bits and pieces from the spare box.

The decals are fine, with Dutch Navy variant "KON.MARINE" . Only the roundels are to light blue (see remarks below)

The grill was cut and and later detailed with a "panty" stretched...



The S-55 having its first paint and ready to be further detailed and decal led... A Dutch NAVY helo is depicted here. Color enamels used are Sky (Xtracolor X7) and Dark Sea Grey. 

Well, the S-55 was completed. The Revell decals provided are excellent and can be used straight on. Markings are of a Dutch Navy S-55 no. 077 "Cleopatra". The same helicopter was also first painted blue-ish earlier on (see Dutch decals set 72034), but the later sky/grey paint scheme is the one provided. 

The only thing that was changed were the Dutch roundels (the kit ones provided being too light blue) with a Dutch decal set (no. 72029) of roundels. 

Also, the number "077" and the roundel on top of the fuselage needs some cutting and added painting in order to have  a correct look because of the fuselage spine.

Well, nice isn't she?





- Air international vol 42, page 200

- IPMS Nederland S-55 Walkaround

- IPMS Nederland real S-55 info pages

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Some of my photos of the S-55 of the Dutch MLD at the Aviodrome :