Fokker S-11 basic trainer
                         Kovozavody Prostejov
Fokker S-11 model in 1/72 scale 

The S-11 is a single engine two seater propeller aircraft designed and manufactured by the Fokker aircraft company. Development was started after the Second World War for a basic tariner when the company was starting up again and the first S-11 prototype flew December 1947. Some additional modifications were done leading to the final S-11 and it was
called the Instructor.
Fokker S-11 trainer aircraft were sold to the Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu) but also exported to Israel (with enlarged rudder). License manufacturing took place in
Italia as Aermacchi M.416 and from 1954 in Brasil as T-11 with some 100 manufactured; (even the S-12 fitted with tricycle landing gear was locally manufactured from 1958 in Brasil known as the T-22). The S-11 had tube structures.
Later, Brazilian aircraft went to Bolivia and Paraguay. Still some S-11 are privately flown in The Netherlands. The S-11 was also developed into the S-12 with nose gear. 
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For decades there was a resin 1/72 S-11 and S-12/T-22 model of Czech master / CMR in a combined kit. It was also released a few times with better decals.  
  kp logo
But in 2020 the "new KP" (Kovozavody Prostejov) came with an injection moulded 1/72 kit based on the Czech master kit. KP came with several releases with different decals but same plastic parts.
Kit #KPM72371
Kit #KPM72371 has decals for Dutch flown S-11:
[1] Royal Netherlands Navy S-11 (former KLu aircraft) in yellow with orange panels;
[2] Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu) in a aluminium dope scheme;
[3] Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu) in a yellow scheme;
The decals look good with correct colours.
Kit #KPM0373
Kit #KPM0373 has decals for foreign air forces that flew the S-11 Brazillian licensed T-21:
[1] T-21 Brasil "Força Aérea Brasileira" in aluminium dope and orange wing;
[2] T-21 Brasil with a camouflage scheme;  
[3] T-21 Bolivian Air Force "Fuerza Aérea Boliviana" (but the 2 smaller fuselage roundels are forgotten and not provided);
[4] T-21 Paraguay Air Force "Fuerza Aérea de Paraguay" ( I could not very the scheme).
  decals KPM0373

Kit #KPM0374
Kit #KPM0374 has 3 decals schemes for the licensed made Aermacchi M.416 with Italian markings including a civil plane.
  m416 decals

Kit #KPM72372

Kit #KPM72372 / 0372 has markings for Israeli used S-11 instructors:
[1] S-11 IAF in 
aluminium dope;
[2] S-11 IAF in yellow scheme and orange rudder;
[3] S-11 IAF with black trim

  KPM72372 decals

IMPORTANT: all decals are very vulnerable! And they tend to break up when being slided in place; May be it is a good idea to first strengthen the decal film with decal coat or varnish coat.
All kits have the same plastic content.
It is a bit limited short run kit so the parts need some cleaning up. There are about 25 parts and some parts you need to make your self which is not an issue. You get 2 different propellers, with or without spinner. The actual S-11 also used different propellers, even from wood in early production machines. Look at photos to see what you want.
The nice bubble cockpit hood is one part. If you want to slide the hood open, you will need a fine razor saw.
  hood  saw

(You will also find two types of landing gear in the sprues; these gear parts not used are for an expected future release for a nose gear Fokker S-12. The S-12 had a similar fuselage as the S-11 but had a tricycle gear).
The build instructions in the KP kit show each part number in the  sprue layout drawing. On the sprues there are no part numbers.
The kit needs quite some sanding to get a flat lower belly. The outward wing has a bit dihedral.
NOTE:  the dorsal fin in front of the vertical tail is a bit too small. It is better to replace it now and install a flat piece of card and sand flush.
It is recommended to putty and sand before installing the landing gear. You need to open up the recesses for the pair of leading edge lights which are in the kit and will enhance the model; use a file.
NOTE: the photo shows the kit dorsal fin; I later found out it is slightly undersized, this will be corrected later with card.

The holes in the front engine fairing #14 were opened up.
The outher wing parts have a dihedral with a horizontal mid wing. The fixed S-11 undercarriage is located at the mid section leading edge.

Putty was needed... 

The large gap in the cockpit was closed with card and white glue for a closing bulkhead.  
The support struts for the stabilizer were made from streamlined strut.  
The first model made was for a S-11/ T-21 of the Bolivian Air Force. After puttying and sanding the model got a base grey coat with airbrushing Revell Aqua 75 steingrau. 
  grey 75
Any flaws were repaired.

The desired Bolivian paint scheme has aluminium dope for which thinned Revell Aqua 99 Aluminium acrlylic paint was airbrushed and for the orange Revell Aqua 30.
I also airbrushed a spare piece of decal.
The anti-glare panel was not forgotten.
  anti glare
The kit decals were applied but I found at that the 2 smaller Bolivia fuselage roundels are MISSING on the KP decal sheet! I was lucky to have a few spares printed of correct size.


The dorsal spine was now enlarged with card strip. It is better to do this at an earlier stage.

The cockpit interior was finished as per kit. It is mat green with black instrument panel. Seat straps were made. Aft of the two seat in theory a third person could be carried but in practice it was often covered by a canvas screen. This was suggested with a piece of brown tape. I was unsure about the colour of the coaming aft of the cockpit opening and picked dark grey here.  
  cockpit s-11
Sometimes on the wing black walk way panels are seen or some dotted stripes. These are not provided as decals.

The cockpit hood frames were hand painted aluminium with a fine brush. This requires a steady hand but any spills can be scraped off when dried with a cocktail stick.
  white glue
The large cockpit hood was set closed. It was fixed in place with white glue. It is 1/2 millimeter too wide but not that obvious. There was also a gap at the lower hood edges, these was closed up with white glue. This will conceal / hide the gap.
The landing gear of the S-11 is situated at the wing leading edge, slightly inboard at the wing kink. The gear legs were painted aluminium and tyres coal black. The gear forks were suggested with some black paint. All gears were set with super glue and aligned. The small tail gear was set as well.
On the cockpit hood 2 tiny black handles were made from black stretched sprue, fix with white glue. Same at the wing tip recesses for ground handling.
Amidst the lower ailerons, 2 aileron balance rods were made from scrap from thin sprue. The balance weight is a tiny drop of white glue and painted orange when dried.
balance rod
The wing pitot tube is in the kit but needs a bit refinement; it has 2 tubes at the front tip. (note that the M.416 has a straight pitot tube). No long antenna wire is fitted, if a radio was installed a tiny radio antenna wire may be seen. But not on this Bolivian plane.

Two engine pipes were set made from thin black sprue and set below the engine nose fairing. Propeller types may vary between the S-11. I opted for the spinner fitted prop and it got a black coat with yellow prop tips.
Finally a gloss varnish coat was airbrushed, shield off the clear hood and ant-glare panel while airbrushing the gloss coat. That will protect the decals for years to come.
bolivia  flag  roundel
[area: 1,100,000 | population: 11,6 million | capital: Sucre with La Paz executive | GDP USD 3,700 nominal per capita ]

Some 8 S-11 / T-21 aircraft were acquired from Brasil and used by the Fuerza Aerea Boliviana for basic training from 1972 until 1976. They had codes FAB-151 to -158.  

For more information about the Bolivean Air Force look at my F-86 page here...

bolivia nt-21 s-11   

t-21 s-11 bolivia   
t-21 bolivia 1/72 model KP
boliviano fuerza aerea T-21

s-11 bolivia

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