Northrop NF-5A in 1/32 scale
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 NF-5A model in 1/32 scale kit review & building report

Details in the cockpit area. You can see the roller map display typical for Dutch NF-5 planes.
Note also the static temperature probe. Also you can see some "rivets". 

looking inside the canopy with the details. 

note the details at the instrument coaming and the mirrors in the canopy. Also, the nose gear leg is seen as for the NF-5 (it is a different configuration as on the later F-5E). 

 NF-5 with tip tanks, two underwing fuel tanks and central practice bomb dispenser

Note the tilted down angle of the underwing fueltanks...

A brief summary on what was changed on the NF-5 conversion using the Belcher Bits CF-5 conversion set and additional conversion work done:

A nice and rare edition to the model collection. So what stops you building one?

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