Mitsubishi Mu-2

Hasegawa model in 1/72 scale

This nice little kit was issued years ago by this Japanese manufacturer and a kit was obtained of this nice looking plane on a swap meet. The plane is used by the Japanese Self Air Defense Force for training and rescue missions. It flew back in 1963 for the first time and MU-2S variant is specially adopted for this role.

The Hasegawa kit (no JS-095) has about 45 parts and is a fine kit with yellow plastic and was issued years ago. The kit comes also with a nice jeep for a ground display.

No real interior is present in the main cabin, but this is simply made with some card and rod.
The plane has an attractive finish with a high visibility scheme of white, orange, orange-yellow and green anti glare panels. also, it features black de-icing boots and walkways stripes. The red Orange Japanese "suns" complement the markings.

Assembly was straight forward, requiring no filler some sanding being enough at the edges of parts.  The gaps of wing ailerons and flaps were detailed with a small razor saw. 

The most difficult of this nice little kit is in the finishing as it has a lot of different colours. The yellow plastic is a bit of a handicap and several layers of light grey base coats and white was needed to prevent the yellow shining through at the fins and wing tips.

The yellow was a mix of yellow (Humbrol 69) with some orange added. 
The anti-glare panels are mat green (Humbrol Matt 30) and these need careful painting also.

Note the white area painted, ready to receive the red round decal 

Next step was adding the decals. These gave problems as they were very old and would not come off their backing paper. Soaking them and then carefully with tweezers remove them could be done for the larger decals. Even better: give them a decal coat first. The smaller markings were made with some black paint applied with a tooth pick.

The plane has various line markings on top of the wing; the de-icing booths were made with black decals.

Final detailing involved two very thin antenna wires made from stretched sprue.

End-result is a very fine small model of this colour full airplane.

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Created February 26, 2003