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1/72 scale kits of the Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 
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[3] MiG-21 MF of the Laos air force

The third kit of the new KP MiG-21 3-pack was made as a MF model of the Laos air force in South East Asia.

This aircraft has an overall grey finish for which "ghost grey" approx. FS36375 was picked, airbrushing Gunze Sangyo 308 acrylic. (note: it is NOT bare metal).   

The small Laos flag appears on the tail to be the only national marking. The flag had to be hand made from scrap with bits of decal.
laos mig
The central white disk was found in the decal spare box.
Note the small black stencilling and some in red

Stores added were a central fuel tank and a pair of unknown rockets? from the Eduard kit.

Model completion was as usual with landing gear, antennas, static dischargers and so on. But the vanes on the long nose pitot are not required on this MF of Laos (for unknown reason.., see photos on internet).


map    flag    old 
For more historical information about the early Laos air force, look at the T-28 page here
In 1973 the Paris peace agreement was signed in fact stopping most of the war in the region including Laos. But still Laos had a communist regime with Vietnamese and Soviet advisors. The air force was part of the army and known as the "Lao People's Liberation Army Air Force". 
Late 1970s the first 10 MiG-21PFM jets arrived and eventually over 40 MiG-21 fighters including some 10 MiG-21MF in 1985 were supplied. From 1983 probably another 20 MiG-21bis were delivered. For training two seat MiG-21UM were used as well. In the 1990s the armed forces were further modernized (and the MiG-21 type is now out of service).
It appears that currently there are no fighter aircraft operational and the only types are varies Antonov transports and Mil helicopters.    

   MiG-21 MF , 18 red, Laos

More MiG-21 models to be made!
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