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Marlin model in 1/72 scale from Hasegawa
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The Martin Marlin was a  maritime patrol aircraft, used by the US Navy in the fifties and sixties. The wing was derived from the Mariner, and mainly the hull was all new.

hasegawa marlin box 
The Hasegawa 1/72 kit, although old released in 1971, is still a very nice model and still the only one in 1/72.  

Drawing from the kit:

The model is however incomplete for the anti-submarine detection antenna's in the tailcone. Add these as Hasegawa has indicated in step 10.The Hasegawa kit can be built nearly straight from the box. The model is however incomplete for the anti-sub detection antenna's in the tailcone. Add these as Hasegawa has indicated in step 10.

The kit parts, with fuselage sprayed white first. 
The model was only detailled by opening the crew entry door and adding the various wire antenna's.


The gear is detached after floating in the water and has left and right a different buoy colour.
The wing fits quite good, so leave it off and paint/spray it separately, preventing lots of difficult masking later!


The Marlin model was finished in Extra Dark Sea Navy Grey, this being FS36118 according the US Navy colours and white. Note that carrier based US Navy  aircraft were finished mostly in non-spectular Sea blue, but not the land based aircraft. Decals came with the kit.

Leading edges of de-incing surfaces were masked and airbrushed black. Static dischargers from tine were added at trailing edges. Fine fishing line was used for the long wire antenna.


a crew member was set on top for inspection




at at a US Naval port...

at the port

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