Hongdu JL-8/ PAC K-8 Karakorum
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K-8 trainer in 1/72 scale: modelling report
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As noted on previous pages, a number of additional 1/72 Trumpeter K-8 kits were to be made.

Another K-8 kit was made similarly as described earlier. The scheme is for a Bolivia Air Force K-8. 



As often for small air forces, sources and references about the actual aircraft are hard to find. The colours were estimated looking at photos and picked were for airbrushing these acrylics:  

- first an overall base colour with a mix of 80% RLM65 with Gunze Sangyo + 20% white with Gunze H1

- pattern of FS 36118 with Gunze Sangyo H305 after masking with masking film a hard border.



No roundels were seen on the Bolivian K-8's, just some codes and a small banner flag on the tail. I found these in the spares box with the small flag cut from another decal. A few small stencils were set from the El Presidente decal set. 

A semi matt varnish was applied after completion as usual. A nice K-8 with some added detail! 


map  flag  roundel
[area: 1,100,000 sq.km | population: 11,6 million | capital: Sucre, with La Paz executive | GDP USD 3,700 nominal per capita ]  

Some 6 K-8VB jets were acquired for the FUERZA AÉREA BOLIVIANA from 2011 having codes FAB 660-665. They fly with the Curso de Especialización para Aviadores de Combate (CEPAC). Sometimes a K-8 is fitted with a non-standard central gun pod.

Look for more information about the Bolivia Air Force at the F-86 page here...

K-8 bolivia
bolivia K-8
 K-8VB, "665", Grupo Aéreo de Caza 34 at Cochabamba base
k-8 bolivia
    Note the 2 small "gear down" indicator rods on the wing top added
k-8 bolivia 1/72 trumpeter       
K-8 bolivia 665

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