McDonnell F-101 "Voodoo"
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1/72 scale kits of the McDonnel F-101 Voodoo
kit review / modelling report

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REVELL F-101B Two seater
This is an excellent 1/72 kit (no. 0389) of Revell released in 1991 of a F-101B two seater. 

Revell kits also popped up in other box releases (04321 etc.) including an "illegal" copy of ACE ...


The Revell kit looks like a scaled down version of their excellent 1/48 Monogram F-101B kit. It has nice cockpit details, recessed panellines and a panel aft of the nose gear with Falcons or Genie missiles. Two centreline tanks are also in the kit. The lower trailing edge flaps are separate parts that can be drooped down. Kit decals are also included for a Canadian 409 squadron Voodoo like in the Matchbox kit (but with "Canada" titles). Also decals provided for the USAF 60 FIS at Otis AFB, USA.

The decals also included smaller stencilling like the NO STEPS. 

The model was made many years ago. Assembly was straight forward with only small amounts of filler/putty needed. Some details were added in the cockpit. 

It was finished as supplied in the box, in Air defence gray of USAF squadron 60 FIS, based on Hansonfield, USA 


 the IRST fairing can be seen in front of the windshield

the F-101B with the longer afternurner exhaust pipe

and in some sceneries....

during an Air show...

HASEGAWA RF-101C Single seater
This is the oldest Voodoo kit, being a RF-101C single seater recon version. This was the box I bought: 

Originating from FROG back in 1960? , the kit has raised panel lines and few details. It also appeared in a Minicraft box. Also Hasegawa boxes appeared with photos on the box.


The parts are basic, this is an old kit. The parts were very dark green plastic. Two fuel tanks are included, nice for the reconnaissance version. The shape is not bad however. 




I made this RF-101C model many many years ago. To add interest to this old model, an avionics bay was made from scratch and set open. The nose bay side was cut out and a new hatch made from thin plastic card set open. Details were added. Also, the cockpit got more detail with a new made seat. The flap was also cut out and lowered, a scratch access ladder was also made.

Below the left wing, a small ECM pod was fitted made from scratch. 

Scheme made as a USAF camouflaged plane in a Vietnam scheme of tan, medium green and dark green with light grey lower surfaces. Old enamel paint coats were airbrushed with the BADGER 150 I used in those days. I do not know what brand enamels I used in those days, probably Authentic colours, but suggest now to use acrylic Gunze Sangyo.

This model represents a RF-101C of USAF 45 TRS, 460 TRW based on Tan Son Nhut , Vietnam, late 1969. Modeldecal set 10 provided unit markings.

the inboard flap drooped

 normal engine exhaust pipe;  scratch avionics bay
  the cockpit with scratch details like the entry ladder

   (note: only one fueltank is seen fitted here as the plane is in "maintenance", normally 2 tanks are seen)


and the model set in sceneries...
  at an American Air Force Base....

  in Vietnam.....

A nice bunch of Voodoo models in the 1/72 collection.

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