North American F-100D Super Sabre
1/32 scale 
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Super Sabre in 1/32 scale
The North American F-100D Super Sabre was a fast USAF aircraft designed as successor of the famous F-86 Sabre used in Korea. The aircraft flew in several versions in Vietnam, the USA and was also stationed in Europe in the USAFE during the Cold War and the seventies.

The model was made to represent a North American F-100D-70-NA from the 429th FBS, 474 TFW USAF .

There was at the time only a very basic model available of the F100 as a vacu-form from ID models of the UK.
The kit provides only three sheets of plastic with the basic shape of wings, fuselage and no detail parts at all. And a vacu transparant canopy. So, a lot of scratchbuilding was required!
However, as I really wanted a big 1/32 model, there was no alternative as to start with the model...

I built this model in the nineteen-eigthies, so a long time ago. So it required lots of work and details. At that time only a few old photos were made (decades before the digital camera arrived...)

UPDATE NOTE: TRUMPETER has issued a 1/32 scale F-100 kit in 2008.

This picture shows the model's underside during the process. 
This picture shows the major parts that comprise the model, basically all interior parts made from plastic sheet. 


The kit required a large amount of research and scratch building. The best approach is to handle the parts making as "separate projects" and working along the way to create various parts.The intake tunnel is provided by ID models. And the shape of the ID model is OK although the tailfin required some work and also the exhaust area needed opening. Fortunately, ID provides the intake tunnel so this was a nice "bonus" to the rather basic parts. 

The cockpit was scratchbuilt but the canopy of the kit could be used.



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- F-100 Detail & Scale, Volume 33, Bert Kinzey
- F-100 in action, Squadron Signal
- Century series, Squadron signal

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